Aunt Kate Talks With Unknown Teeth.

I know alla y’all know Big Mama by now.  Do you remember her 94 year old sister, Kate?  Here she is.

Well, Aunt Kate fell and broke her sweet, little hip.  She is having surgery this morning.  According to my momma, she has not lost her ability to “talk up a storm.”  As a matter of fact, when the good doctor asked her if her teeth belonged to her, she cleverly pointed to a couple that did.  Then, added while pointing to other various teeth, “Now, I don’t know who that one belongs to, or that one, or that one….”

There is only one Aunt Kate.  And, one Big Mama.  I love them both.

Say a prayer for Aunt Kate today.  And, pray for Big Mama who will endure her endless gabbing.  Because, she will not leave her side.

Love y’all.  Mean it.


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5 responses to “Aunt Kate Talks With Unknown Teeth.

  1. Mom

    I did realize yesterday while at the hospital listening to Aunt Kate’s never ending stories from her teeth to her fall where Miss Anna Banana get’s it from….Those ladies LOVE to talk!!!! Can’t stop smiling about that! 🙂

  2. I cracked up when your momma told me what Aunt Kate said…..I love the sister-love Kate and Callie Mae share….Sistas are the best…Praying for everybody today, even the nurses and docs lol

  3. I hope your Aunt Kate did good today!! Been praying. Loved the blog!!

  4. Amanda Morgan

    I’m always a day late and a dollar short on most everything but I try not to be on your blog!! So how is Aunt Kate doing today? You need to blog an update for us!!

  5. Now that is funny! LOL

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