Laugh Out Loud.

I laugh a lot.  I laugh out loud a lot.  And, I laugh loudly. 

It’s true.  You can ask anyone who knows me well.  I really can’t help it.  I’ve asked Kris if my loud laugh embarrasses him.  He kindly tells me it’s one of the things he loves about me. 

That’s a good thing.  Because, he makes me laugh every day we are together. 

We can even laugh about things that most married couples wouldn’t laugh about.  Like his past relationships….and sometimes, even my divorce. 

I’ll tease about things I lost in the divorce.  Like a CD or some other random item.  “Yep,” I’ll say, “Lost that in the divorce.” 

Last night, he made me laugh again.

Me: (folding laundry) “Ya know, I used to iron Bryan’s golf shirts, even some of his t-shirts.”

Kris:  “Did you lose that in the divorce?”

We should really take our act on the road.  Like Sonny and Cher. 

Or, I guess, not.

Life is much too short to not truly enjoy even the smallest of moments.  To laugh out loud. To laugh at oneself.   It can be easy to let the stresses of daily life overtake these moments.

Don’t let them.  Scripture tells us that a merry heart does us good like medicine. (Proverbs 17:22) What does medicine do?  It comforts.  It heals.  It prevents our hurts from getting worse. 

Don’t let worry, fear, stress, or anger plague your life.  Let your heart be merry.  We can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can control how we react to them.  If we choose to laugh, we’ll find life much more enjoyable (and more enjoyable to be around.) 

We can also find in Proverbs 15:13 that “a happy heart makes the face cheerful.”  And, that is something you’ll never find in those expensive facial creams.  So, laugh more.  And, save yourself some money with Oil of Olay.  My momma swears by that stuff….and by the laughs my dad has consistently provided her the past thirty-seven years.


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10 responses to “Laugh Out Loud.

  1. That Kris is a trooper to let you blog about this. It’s good stuff.

    Wait, he does know you blogged about this, yes?

    If not, then we need to talk 🙂

  2. We have given our daughter just a few things to look make sure are a MUST on her list as she chooses a spouse and on that list is “Must make her laugh/Have a good sense of humor”.

    You can diffuse so much in a marriage by making someone laugh – such a precious gift and certainly a reason to argue that there is a God. Evolution has no reason to have a sense of humor…..

    Can you get more random than using laughter in a marriage to disprove evolution? That must be some kind of record….

    LOVE YOU – jwe

  3. i loved this! i’m learning to laugh about a lot of things these days. still have a “ways to go” on a couple of issues, but i’m getting there. thanks for your light, happy perspective. it adds to my already good day… =)

  4. Brenda

    I am laughing out loud with you right now. I was ironing MY shirts last night and I thought about how many shirts and pants and jeans and t-shirts that I ironed for my ex over the last 27 years. The thought that went through my head was , “Tag! She’s it!”! I lost that in the divorce like you! Just one more GOOD thing that I see about teh whole situation! And oh yeah, loving the Beth Moore Series that I am doing, “A Woman’s Heart”!

  5. Mom

    One of the biggest times that you & your dad laugh Dusty is when someone hurts themselves….Memba?? lol

  6. LOL! Love the blog about laughter, merry hearts!! In fact when I went to see Dianne Herbert Saturday, we laughed at my getting lost in the hallway, lurking around trying to find her room. ha, ha, and that was one thing I said, “laughter is good, a merry heart is like medicine” she agreed!
    I too laugh hardy when I laugh, to me it is restoration, laughter is being restored to my life and my family!! Good to laugh, I belly laugh loud, too. Get it while the getting is good!! ha ha!!

  7. I couldn’t agree more – laughing certainly does exercise the heart muscle!

    I think laughing and kindness truly saved my life – when Mandy died I could have easily crawled into a ball and stayed there – but because she was the amazing girl she was and because she left me the message she did – I MUST smile – laugh – and lift others – and it has made all the difference.

    Each time I do something for someone and they smile – my heart smiles back. It will always have a hole in it from missing her so much – but doing things for others and knowing I am doing it for her as well let’s me keep moving forward.

  8. I hear you on the loud laugh. We actually had a man (who had been eating by himself) come to our table on St. Patricks Day and complain to me that I was being loud.

    I could have been upset or offended/angry. But instead I went back up to my room, got one of Mandy’s kindness cards and came back and gave it to the waitress and paid for the man’s dinner as an apology. I didn’t intend to ruin someone else’s dining experience and I was grateful to him for taking the time to mention it.

    Next thing you know he is at our table – apologizing and explaining that he was over sensitive due to a recent issue in his life – we asked him to join us and don’t you know – he had me laughing even louder before long! 🙂

    The power of kindness is amazing – and you do have to look for ever instance to show it. Often times it is those that are UNKIND that need your kindness the most!

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