Grace For the Season.

What was I thinking?  I mean, starting all over again with the baby stuff?  The sleepless nights, the diapers that require hazmat suits and masks, the feedings….by hand? 

I was thinking that God wanted a Mr. Jett Takle to be born into His Kingdom.  And, I know that God already knew him long, long ago. 

I’ll admit I had moments throughout my pregnancy where the thought of enduring this season again seemed overwhelming.  Shoot, there are moments at 2:00AM that I feel those same overwhelming thoughts now.  Will I ever blog again?  Will I ever sleep again?  Will I ever eat slowly again, because I have all the time in the world?  But, I know it’s just a season.

My sweet friend, Cindy Beall, sent me this message when I was in the hospital with Jett:

“God has given you the grace you need for this season.  You are fully equipped as a child of the King to accomplish what He wants you to.”

My response to Mrs. Beall was simply, “I receive that.”

The truth is you can receive that, too.  No matter what season of life you are in.  No matter where God has you.  He will give you the grace you need for your season.  He will equip you to accomplish what He wants you to.  Do you get that?  Do you get that God wants to use you for His glory no matter what season you are in? 

So, even when I am patting the back of my amazing baby boy…..    

Even when I’m resting my cheek on his sweet smelling head….

Even when I’m wiping the sleep from my eyes at 2:00AM….

I will remember that God has given me the grace for this season.  And, I will soak up every minute of it.  Because, I will blink my eyes, and it will all be over.


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8 responses to “Grace For the Season.

  1. Beth

    Thanks, Dusty! That was for me today!! Awesome name BTW…Jett!!! How cool! You and Kris are great people–no worries!!

  2. Peggy

    So true Dusty. His Grace is sufficient unto the day…so glad I don’t have to have it stored-up for the days ahead. Also true that it will be gone in a blink.
    My season is indeed different but need His Grace just the same.
    So glad you brought Jett into the world and the Kingdom. God is Good.

  3. Lindsey Takle

    Wow! What an amazing post! So encouraging! You and Cindy are absolutely right! In a blink of an eye our children are grown! You are an amazing mom and a huge inspiration! Now, with this being said, I can get through my season… It seems to be more like two seasons rather than one:-) Love u!

  4. Brenda

    GREAT blog! We are ALL in a season just not the same ones at the same time! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Don’t blink
    just might miss your babies growin’ like mine did
    Turning into moms and dads; ….line from the song Don’t Blink…and Lindsey is correct….sometimes it feels like you are in 2 or all 4 seasons at the same time…I guess right now I am watching lots of people I love go thru winter seasons…but they are going thru them with grace and mercy….and His grace and mercy is there at 2 am, maybe even extra at that time ….you GET IT Grasshopper…you GET IT!!!!

  6. I receive that too. Amen, what a great word today. “Grace for the season.” Check out Bebe & Cece Winans song, “Grace” on youtube to give you that extra boost of grace in Worship. (they sang it on Oprah recently). My husband has been playing this one 100 times lately.

  7. Amanda Morgan

    After our visit I’m ready for my season! Reading yours and Lindseys tweets make me yearn, ya hear me? Yearn for another one. On a different and very random note, if you ask Sammy what he wants to be when he grows up he’ll tell you a candy maker. His favorite movie right now is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So I was thinking, Sammy could invent Jr. Mint binkies. So for mom’s like you that are undoubtedly addicted (heh heh) and eat them during pregnancy, perhaps Jett is now craving them as well. Just pop one of those little puppies in and he’s good! Kris might be concerned though, if he comes home one night and you both have one in your mouths. Just sayin’. Random, I know. Been hangin’ out with the lil’ people way too much lately.

  8. I love this quote by Cindy Beall,

    “God has given you the grace you need for this season. You are fully equipped as a child of the King to accomplish what He wants you to.”

    Do you think she would mind if I used it as a design in the Kindness Shop?

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