Little Splinters Hurt.

Anna loves to climb our wooden fence.  Unfortunately, splinters are likely when she grabs the fence with her small, tender hands.  She knows this.  But sometimes, the reward outweighs the risk, so she climbs away.  When she came inside from our backyard yesterday with tears streaming down her face, I knew.  She climbed the fence.  And, she had the splinters in her hand to prove it.

“Get them out, Mom!” she wailed.  “They hurt so badly!”

Isn’t it funny how something so tiny can cause so much pain and discomfort?  We want it out right then, don’t we?  We are always quick to respond to our physical well-being. 

Yet, when something seemingly small and painful enters our spirit, we don’t always work to get it out right away.  We think we can continue to function and pretend it’s not there.  It might be jealousy.  Discontentment.  Bitterness.  Pride. 

Our Words.

Our Thoughts.

To name a few.

But these seemingly small things can cause great damage to our spirits.  They can even cause damage to those around us.  The Song of Solomon tells us that it’s “the little foxes that spoil the vine.”  So, why do we think we can compartmentalize those little things and shove them in a drawer as though they will not affect us?

We really can’t.  Because, those splinters will show themselves whether we want them to or not. 

Instead, we have to get out the tweezers and prod it, poke it, and pull at it until it’s no longer infecting us.  We have to get it out. 

It might hurt a little when we pull the splinter out.  But, oh the relief once we do. 

I tend to ask God, “What in me is not of You?”  Then?  God and I deal with it.  Together. 

Annnndddd, we do this often.  Just the same, I know I haven’t relieved Anna Takle of her last splinter.  And, when she runs to me crying, “Get it out,” I will.  Then, I will hold her and let her rest in my arms.  Don’t you think our heavenly Father does the same?


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3 responses to “Little Splinters Hurt.

  1. Amanda Morgan

    From our last visit you know I still have splinters. Sooo many. Splinters of bitterness towards one and splinters of guilt, whether founded or not, to many that I loved and called my friends. Friends that trusted me in the job I was doing for them. Jesus removed those splinters for me and wore them on his crown but I continue to feel the pain. Not a moment goes by that I don’t think about the day that I climbed that “fence” and felt the pain that seems will last a lifetime. I continue to lay it at the foot of the cross but some song, or story or news article crosses my path and I pick it back up again. I relive the ache, the sadness, the what-ifs, the bitterness towards the one and the guilt that I feel in my self. God continues to tell me to let it go, let Him take the pain away and so I try. Little by little. Praying that my friends know how very sorry I am. So incredibly thankful that I could give them a big hug before they boarded their flight for heaven. Praying for relief from the pain of ever climbing that fence but thankful that I have removed myself from that fence of splinters. Love you Dusty. You are an amazing friend to me. God bless you and Kris.

  2. Wonderful blog Dusty!! Sooo true, in times in the past, I have known I was going around the mountain, but kept doing it. The splinters were removed, one by one, layer upon layer, even today, I realize something, an attitude, forgiveness, or unforgiveness, and have to make a choice. Great blog. loved it! God does heal and replace the bad, and the pain is gone, sooo faithful! Thankful!

  3. Susan Elliott

    Powerful example…just powerful!

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