Because They Need A Savior.

I worry about my oldest.  I carefully watch over his heart.  I try to guard him from anything that may bring him discomfort on any level. 

He’s my sensitive one.  He’s the one who will forgo something he wants so someone else can have the something he or she wants.    

So, I can worry.  And, I guard him intensely. 

Which pretty much means I don’t trust my Heavenly Father with him. 

My sweet friend, Kim Heinecke, reminded me that if I could protect my children from everything, they wouldn’t need a Savior.


I recognize my need for a Savior.  So, I seek Him with everything that is within me.  I want John Henry to seek Him that way, too.  I know He loves Jesus.  But, it is also my job to make sure he sees his need for Him.

So, our latest conversation went something like this:

“John Henry, you are going to have to trust God with this.  Let’s pray about it.”

This might be his first lesson in really seeing the faithfulness of God.  And, I pray it’s the beginning of John Henry recognizing how much he needs the Savior.


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3 responses to “Because They Need A Savior.

  1. very true!! I have similar struggles with Coop. Thanks for opening my eyes to see the lack of trust I too sometimes have:)

  2. Dusty, that was a lesson we all need, and is very hard when it is our family, loved one! But with God’s Grace, & His love, we will learn to trust the Creator! Great blog! Love you!

  3. Kim Heinecke

    I just caught up on your last 7-8 posts. Good writin’, girl.

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