My Mini Me.

She was so excited when her Far-Far (Kris’ dad) gave her this bathrobe.  And, for those wondering, Far Far is Norwegian for “father’s father.”  My kids pronounce it Fa-Fa.  It works for us. 

She was excited, because she had a robe to put on after she showers just like me.  And, she wants me to wrap her hair in a towel.  Just like I do. 

She’ll put on her Converse sneakers and then ask me to wear mine. 

She will play with my jewelry and ask, “Mom, can I have these when I am bigger?” 

She wants to grow out her bangs and part her hair just like mine.

She loves my things.  She loves it when we are alike. 

She watches me, and she wants to be like me.  Of course, she is still very much one unique Anna Takle.

I want her to see fully who I am.  Flaws and all.  I want her to see that when I struggle with insecurity, I find my security in Christ.  I want her to see that when I mess up big and small, I pray to a God of mercy who is quick to forgive.  I want her to see that when I begin to worry, I stand on what God has already promised me in His word.  I want her to see that when I am in need, I call on friends who love Christ as much as I do. 

Chances are…

If she watches me build my life on these things, then she will do just the same. 

So, it’s good for me to ask myself:   What is she seeing when she watches me?


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7 responses to “My Mini Me.

  1. I wanted to say more – but my heart is so full – all I can manage is a GIANT HUG TO YOU and Your sweet Mini-me!

  2. I read you every day, Love. You lift my heart, focus my thoughts and make me laugh….

    Please – PLEASE tell me your robe has fish all over it too 😉

  3. I wish I was a Dusty too!! ha ha! I love the blessing and unique Anna will grow up to be. She has a great model, and a strong Daddy!! Grandparents who will impart! Anna is a little Dusty for sure!!

  4. who

    I really like how you are teaching your daughter by example and it seems like you may be teaching her to recognize and pay attention to her feelings. They are there for a very important reason.

    they are our guides and it can seem times be hard to recognize the feelings that are not so pleasant (I find myself getting upset sometimes and automatically find someone who “did this to me”)

    Beautiful post Dusty!

  5. Susan Elliott

    Awesome blog…again :). Thanks for making me think more about what Ms. Kaite is really seeing when she looks at her Mommy.

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