Seven of the Gazillion Reasons Kris Takle Is Fun to Love

ONE – He always tells me when he falls, almost falls, or bumps his head, because he knows I’ll laugh until I cry. 

TWO – He encourages me.  He makes me feel like a good writer, a good mother, a good wife, a good friend.  And his encouragement makes me want to be better at those things.

THREE – He responds with a “What can I do to make this better?” whenever I share something that is bothering me.  He is quite the great responder guy.

FOUR – He is a fierce protector.  Don’t mess with me yo, ‘cuz my man will break you.  (I don’t watch Jersey Shore, although this one just made me sound like I do.)

FIVE – His Taklisms are priceless.  Here are a few:

                Take the world by the horns.
                I’m as happy as a kite.  (He defends this one by asking if I’ve ever seen a 
                   sad kite.)
                I haven’t been feeling on top of the weather, (as opposed to being under
                  the weather.)

Y’all have no idea how I could on and on with these.  NO.  IDEA.

SIX – Whenever he plays with our children, he is louder than they are.  He makes this house fun.  Of course, my quick humor makes it pretty dang fun, too.  Just thought I’d prop myself up on that one.  Because FUN is my middle name. 

It’s not really.  Dusty Fun would have sounded odd.

SEVEN  – He never flies a trip where he doesn’t send me a text message that looks like this: 

I miss you 😦

I miss YOU, Kris Takle.  I wish you were here to celebrate with me, but you are out providing for our family, ‘cause momma’s gotta eat. 

You bless me daily.  And, I love you even more today than I did seven years ago. 

Happy Anniversary.  My world is sweeter because of you.


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7 responses to “Seven!

  1. marla

    Sweet, fo sure!! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Layna

    Awww, what a nice tribute to your guy! Makes me love him, and I don’t even really know him! That’s awesome. Happy Anniversary! Don’t forget to “celebrate” as soon as he gets home! 😉

  3. Happy Anniversary Kris and Dusty and many more to come!! You flatter each other!! I loved the description of this love you share!! Well said!!
    Many years to express that love in different ways. Love you both and your family, that extention of that love with those little folks, wow!

  4. Ivar Takle

    Thank you Babe and here are 7 reasons out of a Gazillion X infinity that Dusty Takle is fun to Love:)

    1). You never judge me no matter what I wear. It however has been passed down to Anna.
    2). I love that you laugh at me when I hurt myself unless there is blood. I do however think I bleed on the delta flight when I hit my head on the overhead bin but can’t remember.
    3). Your encouragement of me and others is an inspiration and a quaility that is unbelievable.
    4). You are an incredible mother and how you inspire and care for them is godly.
    5). You are my safe place and I can always tell you what is going on with me no matter what.
    6). I don’t have a Dusty”ism but I do have “why are they spraying all of those lumber logs with water? Oh yeah, so that don’t start to burn” You know those trees they just are always spontaneously combusting 🙂
    7). Most of all You are not just my wife you are my best friend.

    I love and miss you and can’t wait for our “make up” anniversay day when I get home. I know you I mean I will put together a wonderful and memorable occasion 🙂

    Miss you


  5. Rhiella

    congratulations on your anniversary. Just stumbled across your blog- your children and family look beautiful! x

  6. Happy belated anniversary! I loved reading your top 7, especially #7. I am married to a pilot (I believe he flies with your husband) and he is always telling me how much he misses me and can’t wait to be home. 🙂 It makes me feel less bitter when he is in Florida running on the beach while I am up north snow blowing the driveway… 😉

    I love your blog!

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