The Pastor.

We picked up our wings.  That’s code for there is some football game thing, and I need food to bear through it.  Sorry, Falcons fans.  No.  Really.  Sorry.  Anyhoo, a very good friend of mine (who is also my hair stylist which is code for VERY good friend) sent me a text to pray for her baby boy.  Poor thing had slipped out of his big sister’s hands, hit his noggin’, and scared his momma to pieces.  ‘Cause we mommas are good at getting scared to pieces.

I called her back immediately and prayed with her over the phone.  Then, I knew I couldn’t just sit and wait on her to call me back from the Emergency Room.  And, after I told Dad what was going on, he got all, “Um, I’m there pastor, I need to be there.”  So, off we went together.

I watched Dad pray for this sweet, baby boy.  Then, as we were leaving, I watched him pray for someone else. 

It was an elderly lady waiting to be checked after a fall.

“Has anyone prayed for you?”  He asked her.

“No, sir,” she told him.

So, he prayed.

As we drove away, Dad said something to me that has stayed with me.

“One of the greatest joys of being a pastor and doing what I do is getting to pray for people.”

I’ve never heard Dad say, one of the greatest joys of being a pastor is growing the largest church.  Although, I know that changed lives matter to him. 

But, I know that people matter to him most. 

I left that hospital with a full heart and a holy perspective on what it means to be a pastor. 

I hope I still say after 35 years in ministry, I GET to pray for people.

As for the sweet, baby boy?  He is just fine.  And, that scared momma?  Well, I don’t even think she noticed the Falcons lost.


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6 responses to “The Pastor.

  1. Joey

    When I was told you and your Dad were there, I knew there would be some power filled prayers being lifted up from that hospital. Thanks to God for protection and thanks to you both for your prayers.

  2. Will never forget being told my Dad would not live through the night, and the 5 ways it could happen, and your Dad on his knees outside the hospital room most of the night that my Dad LIVED through. Forever thankful and you can believe your Dad’s name is called out to God every night….

  3. That was not surprising to me that Pastor Buren has the heart to pray for others!! I too have called on him to pray with my Dad when he was in the hospital, I had called the CHurch for one of the leadership to come over and pray. Your Dad came, and it meant the world to me because we had to go through some hard stuff after he left! Your Dad is a man of God for sure! I also would never get up in the morning, knowing I didn’t cover him and his family each day!! Love the heart for God he has!! Keeps me focused! Thanks Dusty! Thank you Pastor Buren, Barbara for your faithfulness!

  4. Gailynn

    I love your Dad as a pastor and love him for the pastor he had a part in, my pastor, Pastor Delbert Young. May God continue to bless the prayers of both these Godly men.

  5. Darlene

    Of all the blogs, this one has touched me the most. I’m not sure I can even put it into words, but I’ll try. You see, knowing that my pastor has the heart to leave a game he was watching to pray over a hurting baby and his mama, and then someone else? Yeah, that brings tears to my eyes and warms my heart. It tells me that should I ever need to call, he’ll be there if at all possible. And that we, the folks who sit up under his teaching and preaching, are prayed for and loved.

  6. The thought of praying out loud just gives me hives. But I am so glad there are lots of fabulous peeps out there that love it like you guys do.

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