Loving Hurt.

I’ve always heard and maintained the philosophy that sometimes you’ve gotta play hurt.  In other words, sometimes, you’ve got to play and give and serve even when you don’t feel like playing and giving and serving.  But, quite frankly, we usually WANT to play even though we are hurt.  Most athletes will continue to play their game hurt, because they are passionate about that game.  So, it’s not really that much of a sacrifice.  I mean, I’m no athlete, but I do have some pretty awesome running apparel that I wear to carpool little people. 

The real sacrifice comes in loving hurt. 

Kris is my safe place.  He is the one who understands when I don’t feel like giving or serving.  He’s the one who loves me no matter what.  That being said, it’s pretty dang easy to bow out on serving him when I’m physically or mentally exhausted or hurting.  Besides, he understands.

And, with my recent back injury, I was little good to anyone, and Kris served me without a single complaint.  He’s good like that.  He’s compassionate and understanding.  He does, however, fail to understand how accessories really do make the wardrobe.  I know, right?

But, it hit me a few days ago.

Sometimes, you’ve got to love hurt. 

I’m not just talking about loving in spite of the proverbial headache.  Well, sort of, I am.  I am talking about stepping outside of yourself. 

Outside off your physical pain. 

Outside of your emotional pain. 

Outside of your exhaustion. 

Outside of your broken heart.  

Outside of your stuff.   

And, choosing to love hurt. 

I was really tired the other night.  (It’s okay.  You can keep reading.  This doesn’t get graphic.  This is a family blog.)  I had the worst headache of all the headaches in the world.  (And, I never exaggerate.)   I looked at my husband lying beside me and this little revelation hit me:  love hurt.  So, I rubbed his back….  And, we will just leave it at that, friends.   

At that moment, I sure would have loved to fall asleep watching House Hunters and nurse my headache.  But, I knew I needed to choose him this time.  I knew I needed to love hurt. 

You see, often, the person we love the most is the person we serve the least. 

For me, it was my physical pain keeping me from loving hurt.  For you, it might be a different kind of hurt.  Loving hurt for you may look like having to forgive while hurt.  It might be loving even though your feelings are hurt.  Loving even though you are disappointed.  Loving even though you are mentally exhausted and feel like you just can’t take any more. 

Loving even though….

Because, when we do love hurt, that love never returns void.  It is never without effect.

Because, love never, ever fails. 

And, that is one certainty I know with all of my heart.


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14 responses to “Loving Hurt.

  1. Liz Norris

    Loving hurt is huge– and it’s in those times where loving or serving beyond ourselves can make the biggest difference. After all, the enemy uses our hurt to cripple us, therefore keeping us from being Jesus to those around us….

    This is absolutely one of my favorite blogs! Thank you for the reminder and the challenge to continue loving hurt!

  2. Just LOVE……:)…..

  3. Tammy

    That is so powerful and beautiful! You always minister to my heart.

  4. Katy Lee

    A nice reminder for me. My husband has lost is job today and things are a little on edge in my home. I think we’re all hurting, but none of us more than him. I will choose to love hurt.

  5. Lisa Clark

    Dusty, You just knocked one out of the park. In my house that calls for ice cream…so I owe you one. 🙂

  6. Lady you just have a way with words!

  7. Wendy Verdon

    Thanks Dusty! I really needed this. I have not read your blogs in a while, so much going on, but today, I guess God led me here. Lots of stuff on my mind and wondering how to deal with it. I am thankful for you and your wisdom!

  8. Gayla

    I love this…love you!

  9. I loved this blog too, I have no problem loving hurt except when it is me being the love when I am hurt. But I am learning to receive and take care of myself so I can love more. It is humbling but one day at a time! I forgive quick, because being hurt hurts, and when I forgive, it is in God’s hands. I can move on, hurt but knowing I will be restored. Thank you Dusty!! I am soo happy you are blogging, whenever you can! You are PRICELESS and come from Good stock! lol

  10. Angela

    Dusty thanks for the simple reminder 🙂 your right Love never fails!!!!

  11. Came across your blog searching for a personal account of dealing with the proverbial headache to run in the upcoming issue of our magazine BELOVED. Would love your permission to run it. BELOVED is a bi-monthly Christian/inspirational magazine on matters of the heart, passion, sensuality, etc. You can view it at: http://www.pecantreemags.com/beloved.html.

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