You’re A Hard Habit to Break.

I’m doing it.  I’m really doing it.

I’m giving up social networking for Lent.  I’m saying goodbye to the Facebook and the Twitter beginning this Ash Wednesday.  I’ll see y’all again Easter Sunday.  That’s, April 8th, friends.  That’s more than six weeks.   I’d be lying to say it’s going to be easy.  It’s not.  Truth is, I LOVE keeping up with your crazy lives and posting pics and statuses to keep you up with mine.  I mean, I love y’all.  I do.

I love the cute pics of your toddler jumping in puddles.

The pics of your husband obliging you by posing for a “Facebook shot” on your date night.

The funny thing your seven year old said on the way to school.

The awesome job your daughter did on her school project.

The pic of the fabulous meal you cooked.

I love it all.

The hardest part for me will be not being aware of your immediate prayer needs.  So, I’m asking that you email me any time I can pray for you.  Email me at  Yes, I’m still AOL.  You might call AOL old school and lame.  I call it loyalty.  So, there.

I’ve asked Kris to hold me accountable in this.  As a matter of fact, I’m letting him change my password on both accounts and not tell me what it is until Easter Sunday.  He will only share it with my mom.  And, that lady is a dadgum vault.

That being said, I’m going to be blogging during these next six weeks.  Because, some of you read my posts and connect to them through Facebook and Twitter, Kris or my sweet momma will be posting the link to the blogs on my Facebook account.  It won’t be me.  So, I won’t see your comments, wall posts, messages, etc.  I will only be checking my email.  And, you’ve got that now, right?  Right.

So, why give up social networking?  Why not sugar?  Or television?  Or exercise?  (I only jest on that last one.  Ahem.)  Well, if I’m honest.  My Junior Mint consumption takes up a whole five seconds of my day.  I can inhale them like no other.  So, really.  Where’s the sacrifice in that?

And, television?  Sure.  I’ll sacrifice The Wiggles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Big Time Rush, and Victorious.

This is truly a sacrifice for me.  And, I plan to spend the time away by giving it to the people I come into contact with each day.  I plan to spend it with my husband and children.  I plan to spend it seeking His face.  And, while I have a little anxiety in giving it up, I have greater excitement as to what He will open my eyes to.  And, what He will do in and through me.  That’s why I want to continue blogging.  I want to be able journal what I see, feel, and do as I become more sensitive to the Spirit during this time.

If you have decided to fast for Lent, what are you giving up?

Lent is a time when Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting and spiritual discipline.  Disclaimer:  God won’t love you any less if you don’t fast.  That’s just not His style.  It’s a personal choice. So, don’t judge anyone who doesn’t fast, m’kay?


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7 responses to “You’re A Hard Habit to Break.

  1. Michele Mathias

    Great idea Dusty.. I will miss your posts as well. However, I understand the reason behind you giving it up. I will be looking for your Blogs and looking forward to April the 8th. God Bless You!!!

  2. Brittany

    I heard a story just last night about a mother who taught her children how to just “be” with God by taking the time to just “be” with them. She taught her children to love spending time with God, because she delighted in spending time with them. They would be cleaning the house and at a moment’s notice, she would say “Stop! Let’s play.” and for 15 minutes or more, her children got her 100 percent. Needless to say, it spoke volumes to me. VOLUMES. You do the same, so often. So, I’m both really proud and really thankful for your leadership in all areas of life!

  3. Lynn F.

    I started limiting my facebook time a couple of weeks ago and am spending more time with people face to face. Am also reading more and getting educated again! I know you will enjoy this special time. Guess your facebook friends will have to come to Eway to see you! !

  4. Layna

    I read a book wayyyyy back in my sophomore year at Georgia about a guy who felt the Lord was calling him to do a “media fast”….I can’t remember much about it other than the fact that he gave up tv, radio, internet, music—EVERYTHING—and he ended up receiving/learning so much from the Lord, and hearing His voice SO clearly he wrote a whole book about it….you reminded me of it, just now…I’ve often wondered over the years since reading that how much we ALL may be missing because we can’t hear Him that well with all the “noise” in our lives. It’s easy for me to give it all up–I’m not that into it anyhow–but I appreciate your HUGE sacrifice (heehee) and the example that you’re setting for so many (especially your darling kiddos!). I’m SO looking forward to reading/hearing about how your experience went…and what all you gleaned from it. Go, DT! Love ya!

  5. Betsey

    After being away from the computer for two weeks, I am just now catching up w/ email, and wanted to comment. Lesley did this last year for Lent; it made a huge impact on her in so many ways. On a much lesser scale, there are many weeks when I intentionally get on FB only a few days in the week. And when I do so, I always feel more focused on what my life is truly about: the blessings I have, the needs of others, and the confirmation that I can be doing things that are much more fruitful. I also have long held to the idea that intense involvement with social networking can invoke feelings of discontentment, as one compares the “alleged” lives of others with what they themselves are doing-or not doing. (There’s a saying out there along the lines of “don’t you wish your life was really the way you portray it on FB.”) At any rate, the opposite of discontentment is peace. And who doesn’t want more of that? Good blog.

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