You Make Everything Better.

Jett - 3year wp

Me:  “Remember that summer when I said, ‘Hey, wanna have another baby?’”

Kris:  “Oh yes.”

Me:  “That was a good call.”

Jett Takle, you’ve been more than a good call.  You’ve been the mint in my chocolate.  The creamer in my coffee.  The salsa to my chips.

You make everything better.  Everything complete.  And, I am so glad you turned our world upside down by becoming the caboose to our train.

We may have said goodbye to a four-door sedan for the next several years, but we opened our arms to a super-hero who flies through the sky.

A cowboy who gallops around our family room.

A Buzz Lightyear who takes us to infinity and beyond.

A thumb-sucking, flannel pajama wearing, blankie holding charmer that gets us out of bed to make waffles.

An air guitar that makes me happier than Sting.  (I know, right?)

A laugh that makes us forget any worry that may have crept in our minds.

A smile that lights up our home.

Jett, you make me stop and soak in moments more than I ever have.  Maybe, it’s because you’re the littlest Takle.  Maybe, it’s because I know now how fleeting these perfect moments are.  I breathe in a little heavier when I put my nose to your blonde head.  I place your feet on my cheeks and I leave them there a little longer.  You sit in my lap, and I postpone bedtime.

Thank you for making life so much sweeter.  Thank you for teaching us what’s really eternal.

Father, thank You for placing Jett Takle in my arms three years ago today.  You are so good.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jett Man.

I love you with every single part of my being.




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6 responses to “You Make Everything Better.

  1. Layna

    I’m tearing up, here, girl. That was the sweetest. Happy BIrthday, punkin’ boy. Can’t believe it’s been three years already. Sheesh. You’re a great Momma, friend. ❤

  2. A little boy who gets the reindeer out in the middle of the night to ride through th house saying,”ho, ho, ho, I’m Santa Claus!” Anything to postpone bedtime and make his mama laugh AND love him more! Such a sweet tribute to your baby!

  3. Dixie

    Precious!! Happy Birthday!!

  4. Sharon

    Sweet, sweet, sweet! Little blond headed boys know how to win our hearts! Happy birthday to Jett!

  5. Barbara Corbett

    What a sweet letter! I know Jett will treasure it (and you too!) forever. Happy Birthday to your sweet baby boy!

  6. Kitty Grubbs

    I have tears in my eyes as I fly back in time to think of my little blonde-headed boy and the joy I felt and still feel at the blessing God sent me in my baby!

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