And, I Felt Like I Was Failing.

Jett - february wp

After a very hard evening with Jett, I sat on my sofa exhausted.


Feeling I failed in that moment of being his mother.  Even grasping for hope for an easier evening tomorrow.

Tears streamed down my face, and my head collapsed in my hands.

Then, I heard the tender voice of my oldest say, “Mom……..I believe Jett is going to be great.”

Jett is going to be great.

Finally those words began echoing from my own Spirit.  And, then, I began to give thanks.

I am thankful for so many who whisper words of Christ to me.  Who encourage me.  Who renew my mind.  But, there is nothing like your very own child reminding you of who you are.  And, who THEY are.

Jett is going to be great.

I am going to be great.

YOU are going to be great.

Stop believing whatever your mind is telling you.  You tell your mind what to say to your spirit.

Because of Christ IN you….you have everything you need to do everything God has called you to do.

Because of Christ IN you….YOU ARE GREAT.


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3 responses to “And, I Felt Like I Was Failing.

  1. Dusty, you are always from your heart and God will impart that to your children and they will be great! You love with such sincerity and you are trustworthy! Appreciate what you shared! love you!

  2. Ralph Martin

    A well earned lesson Dusty, never allow your mind to talk to your spirit UNTIL your spirit has conditioned your mind in what to say. NOW your spirit has been revived by the Truth from the innocence of your oldest, Jett will be great, Jett and all your family will be great Because Greatness lives in each one…….. Greater Is He Who Lives and Moves and has His Being In the Takle family………

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