The Hard Places.

“Every challenging situation becomes an opportunity for me to trust Him – to obey, to learn, to grow, to rely more on His grace.” – Christina Fox

I read this quote recently and it has ministered to my own spirit for the past several days. Adjusting to living on the farm has been, well, an adjustment. We labor more than we ever have. Our drive to work is longer. Heck, our drive really anywhere is longer. It’s just harder. But, just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Or a wrong decision was made. Sometimes, things are just hard. And, hard is okay.

It’s in the hard places we truly grow. Growth is impossible without something pushing us forward. Trusting God isn’t necessary unless we have something to trust Him in. We don’t need His grace when things are always easy. We can’t be an over-comer without something to overcome.

Instead of focusing on what “seems” wrong about the place we are in and focusing on how hard things may be, we have to focus on what is good and right while we are in that place. We have to ask God, “What do you want to work in my life through this?” For example, instead of focusing my thoughts on the extra work that comes from taking care of horses, I am changing the way I look at it. I watch my daughter carry two buckets of food and walk across a field to the gate. I imagine what God is working in her as she feeds these large animals. What is He speaking to her spirit on those walks across the field? What does she hear in those quiet moments alone with God’s creation? What if she learns something in these walks that rescues her heart when she is forty? What if?

God doesn’t waste one day of our lives. He uses everything for our growth. For our good. For our destiny. I love living on the farm. But, if I focus on what is hard, I will become bitter instead of better. If I focus on every positive, life-giving thing it provides, I will not only fall in love with every part of it, I will grow. I will be fulfilled. I will be content. I will be full of joy. This is why James said, “For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.” (James 1:3-4)

He works all things for your good. Even the hard places. So, begin thanking God for them. It is in these places, we become better. We become complete.



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7 responses to “The Hard Places.

  1. Lynn Fulop

    Amen, Dusty. Frequently my thoughts about being a widow are, “I didn’t sign up for this.” Then I redirect my thoughts towards Him to ask what it is He wants me to learn from this. And you’re right, sometimes things are hard. But the very things that are hard are the things that make us grow. I love you, and thank you for being the pastor that you are to us.

  2. Ralph Martin

    Very Good Dusty, in the Kingdom nothing is wasted everything is used, after Jesus fed the crowd of people, he told his disciples to “gather up the fragments so that nothing goes to waste” . Then the disciples gather up the left-overs that amounted to 12 baskets……. One basket for each one of the disciples……. All experiences are for lessons, especially the hard ones….. Proud of you,my friend

  3. Shari

    You are just yummy!

  4. Shari

    I know that’s not real spiritual, but when “I feel ya” I love you more. ❤

  5. Judy Young

    Ahhhhh……you have been re-potted Grasshopper….time to expand …time for those roots to go down a bit deeper…and I had to make up for the non-spiritual response by Shari ;)….your writings are yummy…they feed the soul of many

  6. Kelly Maddox

    Dusty—got bless you and thank you for this, it spoke so strongly to me today!

    I pray the Lord bless you in all things and I thank you so much for how you minister to myself and so many others!!!!

    Have a blessed day! ~Kelly Maddox

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