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The Dynamic Duo

Anna tells me a bedtime story every night.  E.V.E.R.Y. N.I.G.H.T.  I know it’s coming as soon as I say prayers and tuck her in.  If I can be honest, there are many nights I just wish she’d say goodnight after I say “Amen.”  But, how many more nights am I going to have a sweet, half-Scandinavian blonde telling me bedtime stories? 

Anna’s latest stories comprise of the adventures of God and Jesus.  Kris and I have come to refer to these stories as “The Dynamic Duo” stories.  In one story, God and Jesus flew an airplane together.  In another, they killed a bear.  Hey, they’re God and Jesus.   

The other night she told me this story.  I went to get my video camera and asked her to repeat it.  You can tell by her calm, poised demeanor that she was very aware that she was being videoed.  But, I had to share the story, her story, nonetheless.

Even a three-year old knows the mighty power of God.  Because, if Chucky Cheese was closed, they could go under it and still play games. 

You see, nothing is too big for Anna’s God (and Jesus).  How big is He to you?



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