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For a minute, I thought we were about to discuss the birds and the bees.

John Henry:
  “Hey, Mom.  I know how God made us.”

Me:  “You do?  How?”

John Henry:  “Well, first He glued a bunch of bones together, and made them into a skeleton.  Then, He put a costume on us.”

Me:  “Very good.”


Okay.  I recognize that I accepted his interpretation of how life is created and even applauded him for it.  If you go back to the creation story in Genesis, John Henry is not too far off.  Right?  Maybe only a little. 

But it got me thinkin’.

When does the real sex talk happen?  I would imagine that we drop a little 411 here and there as our kids mature, so when we sit down for the big doozy, it’s not as shocking.  Kind of like when MacGyver unlocks our bedroom door and we explain to her that mommy and daddy are “talking” or “snuggling”.  This rests better on the ears of a three and five year old.  Of course, who knows what the pre-schoolers are talking about on the playground these days.   I’d like to think the only buzz is Buzz Lightyear.  For real.

Parenting.  This should be fun. 

Have you had “the talk” yet with your kiddos?  If so, how old were they when their little minds were enlightened? 


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