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Take one Happy Meal and call me in the morning.

Yesterday was a boo-tiful (as Anna would say) day to be outdoors.  We set out our beach chairs and imagined that the ocean was only a few feet away.  Then, Anna thought it would be fun to play in, or on, her little red car.  The only thing more fun than riding inside the little red car is riding on top of it. 

So, she did.

Except, the car kept traveling throwing my little 32 lbs. onto the ground and the back of her head into the corner of a brick column. 

We left the beach and headed to the Emergency Room that pretty much took 3 hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

One staple to the back of the head…..finally…..and we were done.

My brave little beachcomber and car climber whimpered only for a second.  Then, I did what every mother does when her child has a bad day – took her to McDonalds.

And, that’s all I got.


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