Take one Happy Meal and call me in the morning.

Yesterday was a boo-tiful (as Anna would say) day to be outdoors.  We set out our beach chairs and imagined that the ocean was only a few feet away.  Then, Anna thought it would be fun to play in, or on, her little red car.  The only thing more fun than riding inside the little red car is riding on top of it. 

So, she did.

Except, the car kept traveling throwing my little 32 lbs. onto the ground and the back of her head into the corner of a brick column. 

We left the beach and headed to the Emergency Room that pretty much took 3 hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

One staple to the back of the head…..finally…..and we were done.

My brave little beachcomber and car climber whimpered only for a second.  Then, I did what every mother does when her child has a bad day – took her to McDonalds.

And, that’s all I got.


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5 responses to “Take one Happy Meal and call me in the morning.

  1. Dusty,
    I am soo sorry Anna hurt her head….I will pray for her boo boo, Good write up, the Happy Meal, does work? hmmm, lol, glad she is ok!

  2. My poor baby girl…..She is such a trooper….just like her Mom….You are truly one amazing and wonderful Mom! My grandchildren are so blessed to have you!

  3. Amy Hull Watson

    AWWW WEE WEE… Poor little baby… WOW that is so scary, and I am glad nothing else happened… Guess she won’t do that again.. HUH??? Ya think she will listen to mommy now?? Proabably not cause I would have totally done the same thing at that age cause my mom knew NOTHING and now I can’t get dressed without calling her because GUESS WHAT??? She know EVERYTHING and I know nothing… But I can’t tell you when reality sunk in… HAHHA

  4. Happy meals fix me right up too…umm I mean when i have the boys with me and they need one. 😉

  5. Oh, man. Glad she’s already on the mend….at that age McDonald’s solves EVERYTHING!

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