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The Greatest Decision.

I’m not one for seeing two five o’clocks in the same day.  I’m a girl who appreciates sleep.  But, Saturday morning meant everyone in the Takle household would have to stretch before sunrise.  John Henry stirred much sooner than we anticipated.  Anna, a girl after my own heart, wasn’t about to let her snuggled self be bothered until it was time. 

Eventually, Kris and John Henry made their way into the family room.  John Henry started asking Kris several questions about life after death. 

“Dusty!”  Kris called for me.  “John Henry has some questions for you,” he said. 


So, I joined my two favorite men, and I answered his questions the best I could.  He has been talking a lot about salvation lately and asking a few questions.

So, I knew it was time.

“John Henry, do you want to ask Jesus to come into your heart?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said.

So, we prayed.  And my six year old boy made the greatest decision he will ever make.

While, he has believed in Jesus Christ, I explained to him this was just a confession of his faith. 

Then, yesterday, Anna said she had Jesus in her heart.  John Henry argued that she did not since she had not prayed. (We’ll balance our sweet boy out as time goes on.)

John Henry then asked Anna to repeat after him.  And, he led her in the sinner’s prayer, and she asked Jesus into her heart, too.  He just might evangelize the world before he turns seven. 

If God can use him to change his sister’s life, God can use him to do anything.

On that note, Kris and I are off for a mom and dad only get-away.  I am leaving my laptop at home.  I know, right?  I’ll have my phone.  If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I might take a little Twitpic and post it on occasion.  But, my main focus is going to be my Scandinavian hunk of burnin’ love.

God bless grandparents.

See y’all again next week.


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