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The Music Makes Her Dance.

It was a special day yesterday.  We celebrated some pretty great fathers and also the baptism of John Henry and Anna.  Anna commented that there are different kinds of baptisms, but water baptism is her favorite.  We just respond with a “that’s awesome.” 

At ages 8 and 6, these two still do nearly everything together.  And, John Henry, like the rest of us, accepts the fact that Anna just can’t stop herself when the camera is rolling.  Or the music is playing.  She loves the spotlight. 

He was, however, unaware that she was stealing the spotlight in this video.  Here’s to hoping this little bit of entertainment makes for a better Monday. 

There are no dull moments.


Happy Monday, y’all.


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Death On Two Wheels!

Hope your holiday was just loverly.  Ours was nothing short of pure delight.  I opted out of Black Friday shopping.  No deal is so good that it’s worth causing me to self-medicate with yet another serving of Sweet Potato Soufflé.  I had an even better treat Friday evening when Atlanta’s own Death On Two Wheels stopped in Oklahoma City on their long drive back to the South from California where they had just performed and recorded.




Band member and good friend, David Fountain, had texted me to let me know they were coming through.   A few hours later I was sitting at Redrock Canyon Grill enjoying Southwest cuisine and conversation with the five fabulous guys who make up Death On Two Wheels.

I have known two of Death’s band members since they entered the world.  When this cutie was two, he would steal my heart and another cookie by simply saying “I wuh oo Duh-tee.” 


Wow, Dusty.  This must make you feel so very old.  No.  I only feel old when I eat myself into a sick oblivion on Thanksgiving causing me to reach for the Zantac. 

Here are more pics of Death and me.  Ha.  “I’m with the band.”  I’ve always wanted to say that.  And, forgive the photo quality.  That would be David’s not so flashy flash on his nifty Blackberry.


Above on the left is Andy, the band’s drummer.  Middle is Paul Doss, guitarist and friend {and son of Jennifer – my friend who sends hand-written note cards.} 


The one with the hat is Trae Vedder, lead vocal and guitarist.  Then, you have David, bassist, and Wes, keyboardist. 

Before the fellas left in their van, they gave us a few CDs and t-shirts.  So, I listened to their new album just released last month.


I’m not even going to pretend that I am qualified to write an album review.  But, I must admit that I really liked their unique sound that gives respect to classic rock and roll.  My personal favorite is Sweet Love.  It is sweet, indeed.  And, Two Dollar Bills is a download must.  It has a little Cross Canadian Ragweed flair to it.  Of course, downloading just one or two songs only gives you a part of Death’s story.  Much like a good book, you have to download the entire album to get the whole narrative.

Check out Death On Two Wheels here and download their new album on iTunes.  You won’t be disappointed.  Happy listening!




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