The art of the handwritten letter.

Now that we can text and e-mail “thank you”, “happy birthday”, and “I love you”, do you think the art of the handwritten letter is history?

Three of my Georgia peaches were out visiting a few weeks ago.


And, let me tell you.  One of ‘em right now is sittin’ at home saying, “Oh, I can’t believe she chose THIS picture.”  All save Kate.  She only checks her e-mail once a year.  All of this to say (and throw in their picture that they’ve been begging me to post) that we had this exact conversation.  No, no.  Not about what pictures flatter and which ones add ten pounds.  We all know that the camera adds at least that.  We talked about the joys of receiving a handwritten letter.

But, here is the thing.  I have saved most of the letters written to me since I was sporting the converse high tops in the 7th grade.   I have saved very few letters sent via the internet gods.  Only in the past year, have I created web folders for these attempts at the human touch.

 I’m not pointing fingers.  I love the ease and use of typing then pressing “send.”  But, when I received Jennifer’s handwritten note card in the mail upon her return to G-Town, I suddenly remembered why this lost art is so special.  (Now, Sharon and Kate are scrounging for their stationary.)

As far as thank you notes go, I always try to handwrite every one.  I even made Anna sign her name on thank your cards for her recent birthday gifts.  I have the feeling I took the “JOY” right out of the “ART” with my obsession on her starting her “A” far enough to the left as to leave room for the “N”, “N”, and “A”.  Blessed be the name.  No pun intended.

Do you still send handwritten letters?

Do you still have old letters sent to you from your younger years? 

(Necessary Note:  Bonnie Spencer, your posted picture is coming soon.  And, yes.  I still have all of your letters.)



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15 responses to “The art of the handwritten letter.

  1. I still have a small overnight bag full of the letters my husband and I wrote each other during one summer apart in our college years. Almost a letter per day! That was the early 80’s so no internet, and it was way cheaper than calling. And I agree – thank you notes should be hand written. Not that I always get them done like I should 😦

  2. Judy

    Because of you, my day started with a really good laugh!!! Good morning Boo girl…..O…I have hat boxes full of notes and cards…some of my most precious are from my brother-in-law Franklin…he would always leave me a precious note on the counter the morning I would be leaving after spending the night with them….I miss him…….so now I am crying…

  3. Dusty Takle

    Judy, I just had this feeling my necessary note at the end was, indeed, necessary! So sweet that Franklin. Who knew I could take you from laughter to tears in one swoop!

  4. Dusty, good topic, blog! I think handwritten letters are more personal. I hate my penmanship, taught myself in school, moving around as a child. lol, i write like a doctor, ha! But i do write anyway, try to make it legible! When Christmas cards go out, I take individual time to write in the cards, not just sign the cards, it may be the only gift I send, depends on who it is going to, what I write. I write a young man in prison, he said he keeps everyone of my letters! I reread letters I have gotten from my children through the years, or thank you notes I treasure from my parents. Love you Dusty! Great job! The letters, cards are KEEPERS!

  5. Bonnie

    I can handle this!!! Necessary note: no picture required!

  6. I used to be sooooo good at this. Then I had a baby. I absolutely love getting handwritten notes in the mail.

    And you gals are pretty smokin’ hot in that picture. 🙂

  7. Lynn, you are always so good about sending handwritten letters and cards!

    Boo, still. I have pictures. Oh, I have pictures.

    Kim, thanks. It’s amazing what an hour of make-up and a mirror can do 🙂

  8. Kitty Grubbs

    I love to keep all the cards and notes that people write to me. Lynn C. is so great about sending encouraging words in season! My daughter, Kristen, is however, the best note writer ever…she hand writes notes for everything! And…she decorates the envelopes in her unique style. Kit

  9. Sharon

    FINALLY!! just joking. I too received a card and handwritten note from Jen. She is so good about those things! I surely appreciate more the handwritten note because you know that it takes a little more effort. I must admit that I am better about sending notes to my clients. I guess I really need to work on that with my friends.

  10. I am a notecard feind. I love them. I buy them, write them, send them. I have a basket full of blank ones, encouraging ones, thank you ones. It is a sickness. In fact, I was just sitting here thinking I need to do my Thanksgiving Day cards tonight so I can get them in the mail. Yep I do Easter Too.

    How have we been crossing paths for so long and I haven’t been here before. Shame on me. You are fun. Are you in OKC too, like the rest of the crazy girls?

  11. Doug

    Man I got to know who that hottie on the left is, can you get me her phone # and find out if she is available or not? I haven’t hand written a letter since I have been in the Army. Can you also check with Jen and see when I am getting a note or letter.

  12. Brenda

    Yes, Dusty, with emails, my space, IMs and texts by the thousands each month by my kids and their friends, I have watched this generation of teenagers not just loose the art of letter writing but also the art of talking and communicating (which also includes the nonverbal tones ). The teenagers today will say ANYTHING on my space or in a text that they would not even consider saying to someones face. It is very sad but when I talk to the kids and their friends about it, I get the “look” along with the rolling of the eyes! I keep saying that if there hasn’t already been that there will be a wedding with nothing but texts! Watch it is coming. And Boonie, I have Pictures of Dusty if you need ammo!

  13. Bonnie

    Brenda, I may need you!!! This sounds like it might get messy!

  14. Kate

    I have been very, very, busy lately!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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