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Nintendo DS isn’t just for kids.

This guy was on my flight back from Atlanta last week.  We have met once before, but not since I entered the blogging world.  You know it’s bad when you introduce yourself and almost say “dot com” after your name  – because, that’s how some people identify you.  Anyhoo.  He was accompanied by his beautiful wife and “totally cool” boys, to quote my son.  What made his boys totally cool?  Three things:  1) Nintendo DS, 2) Gameboy Advance, and 3) the fact that they shared these hot gadgets.

Since John Henry’s exposure to a world beyond the handheld Leapster, he has been appealing for the Nintendo DS.  I’m not going to lie to you.  I would get more use out of this one since it would allow me to play round after round of Tetris.  But, it’s not as though I need another distraction.  The world wide web is enough.  Amen?

His birthday is two months away, and I considered letting him put it on his b-day list which is growing by the minute.  I decided, instead, to let him enjoy his Leapster one more year and pick out a new game for the family Wii. 

Why are we so insatiable when it comes to the latest and greatest ______________ (you fill in the blank)?  Gotta have that wall-mounted plasma, the iphone 3G (I resisted), Blu-ray what? 

It’s not a wonder why more and more Americans are getting themselves into some serious debt.  While we pay our credit cards off each month, I still can fall prey to the marketing geniuses of the world.  Steve Jobs ain’t no dummy. 

So, what to do?

Realize that you have everything you need.  You really do.  And, when the timing is right, the money is saved, and priorities are met, enjoy life’s latest luxuries.

As for me, I’m trying to decide whether to get my own Nintendo DS and conceal it or just wait right along with my boy.  ‘Cause if Carrie Underwood has one, it must be fantastic.

What are you itching to buy?


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