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Playing the God Card.

It’s no longer easy clothes shopping with Anna Takle.   Not that it ever has been.  But, friends, it’s harder.  Much, much harder.  I had to try to resuscitate Kris after Anna asked for a bra.  In every store, little bras hung, and Anna clung to them like that little undergarment would make her world complete.

Then, she insisted on trying on a pair of shorts her father and I were not going to pay for.  They were just too short for our taste.  We let her try them on.  And, subsequently, we still told her no.  The bewildered look on her face to our opposition to the shorts let us know she thought we were being a little over the top.  She looked at me and said, “You just don’t get my style.”

I realize her intent with the short shorts is probably not to be a sexy little seven-year old.  So, what’s the big deal?  It’s probably not.  Not today.  But, it will be one day when her young innocence becomes a little more infiltrated with what society deems as beautiful for girls.  And, I’d just rather loosen the reigns later than have to tighten them.  So, I remain a stick in the mud kind of mom, I suppose.  Who doesn’t get her style.

I didn’t go into the conversation of “Anna, you are not the sum of your parts,” speech.  I just didn’t think it timely for her age.  But, I also didn’t tell her “Those shorts aren’t Godly.”  Because, that would’ve been a legalistic explanation, I’m sure.  I just told her that we didn’t think those shorts were the right choice for her today.

I think too often we play the “God card” with our kids.  It’s something I have recognized in my own parenting.

“How do you think it makes God feel when you are being ugly to your sister?”

“How would Jesus had handled this situation?”

“Do you think it makes God happy when you deceive us?”

The list could go on.

I serve a God who loves me no matter what.  Whose blood covers a multitude of my stupid mess-ups.  Who has an endless supply of grace that He lavishes on me.  So, who was this God I was teaching?  Not the One I cry out to.  Not the One who shows grace to me when I screw up as a parent.

I haven’t played the God card in every parenting situation.  There have been plenty of moments where pure discipleship abounded.  But, those times I’ve played the God card didn’t even rest well in my own spirit.  It just seemed convenient.  And, a quick fix.

So, instead of asking “How would Jesus had handled this situation?”  I might ask, “Why do YOU think it’s better to forgive?”  “How does it make YOU feel when you forgive?”

Because, friends….

Teaching our children to do right for the sake of doing right isn’t going to cut it by itself.   Through every life lesson, we need to do our best to tell them WHY His way is better.  WHY forgiveness is just as much for us as it is for the one who hurt us.

And, I have a life full of examples of why choosing to do things God’s way has made all of the difference in my own life.

So, share your own life examples with your children.  Tell them why it has worked for you.  Don’t make your children live in fear of not only disappointing you, but disappointing their Creator.  Instead, portray their King in such a way….live for Him in such a way….that they will TRUST that His ways really are better.

And, when they mess up, show them the same grace He shows you.  Discipline when needed.  But, let grace be the covering of it all.


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How to Get Control.

My dad just recently shared Andy Stanley’s message on “A Pot of Stew.”  It was uh-maze-ing.  I do not lie.  He talked about our appetite for always wanting more.  Since appetites are never fully and finally satisfied, we have to reframe our appetites with what is at stake. 

I have been studying the Fruit of the Spirit.  And, I just finished studying self-control.  Ugh.  What an ugly, step on the toes, kind of word.  You really can’t control your appetite without self-control.  And, you really can’t operate in self-control without the power of the Holy Spirit.  You know.  Since it’s a quality of the Fruit of the Spirit and all. 

I like Wikipedia’s definition of self-control:  “Self control or self-control is the ability to control one’s emotions, behavior and desires in order to obtain some reward later.”  God has an incredible future for you and me.  We just have to exercise a little self-control to get there. 

Of course, we find all of the qualities of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22-23:  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  But, six verses above that, we read, “So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature.”

Do ya see where there is going?  Feed the spirit.  The flesh will starve. 

And that, my friends, is how you demonstrate self-control.  That is how you run, Forrest, run from appetites that are going to wreak havoc in your lives.  Or from those awesome shoes on the DSW Shoe Warehouse rack. 

You feed your spirit.  With more of Him.  In HIM, we find contentment.  I kind of wrote about this here, but didn’t really address it from a how do I say no to those delish Jr. Mints sort of way.  Not that God has called me to starve THAT part of my flesh.  I’m just sayin’. 

I love this fifth verse in Psalm 63:  You satisfy me more than the richest feast….And, I love that David wrote this while hangin’ out in the dang wilderness.  Isn’t at that a beautiful picture of how much God satisfies us?


Feed your Spirit.  It’ll make reframing that appetite of yours a whole lot easier.

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The Eagles Said Take It Easy. So Did My Doc.

My lack of writing yesterday was due to a rough night and morning with a contraction or ten.  No.  I was not in labor.  Just a tad uncomfortable.  I decided to ease the pain by taking a relaxing, warm bath.  When Anna walked in and saw me, she giggled and said, “Mom, you’re too big for the bathtub.” 

Yes, she is still alive and well.

I called my doctor at the persistence of my husband.  The nurse requested I go to the hospital just as a precautionary measure.  Something, I clearly did not want to do.  But, I did.  Baby is fine.  I am fine.  To quote my nurse, “You are 35 years old and pregnant with your third.  Things just don’t hold together like they used to.”

Yes, she is still alive and well.

Actually, she was a very sweet nurse and took great care of me.  She asked if I had been over-doing it at all.  I told her I had somewhat of a, ahem, busy weekend. 

What did you think I was going to tell her?  “Um, well, I did go to Dallas and shop all day, then caught a flight the next day to Atlanta then back to Oklahoma two days after that.”

No. Dadgum. Way. 

But, Kris completely uncovered me and was like, “Yeah, I thought she was going to a conference….”

Yes, he is still alive and well.

I was sent me home with orders to drink plenty o’ water and take it easy.  I interpreted that as “Shopping is permitted, just take frequent latte water breaks.”

In better news, my mom is here.  And, that, my friends, makes my world a better place.  Well, that and a box of Junior Mints. 

So, there ya go.  And, no worries.  My self-esteem is still intact thanks to a husband who told me I am beautiful.  He listened well to my dad’s message on Sunday.  That being said, go compliment your spouse today.  It might be exactly what he or she needs to hear.

Okay.  I’m taking a water break now.


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Upsets, Victories & Campfires.

Friday evening I went out ALONE, Praise Him, to acquire emergency food items such as milk and Sour Patch Kids.  When I returned home, this is what I found. 



Kris built them this “campfire” and served them up some hot chocolate – which was basically cold milk with Hersey’s Syrup poured in.  I later joined the fun and added a few marshmallows to roast.  “Gross,” sums up John Henry’s response to the toasted treats.  Oh well.  More for Anna and me. 

Kris flew to the Big 12 Championship on Saturday.  “It’s work,” He always defends.  Bless his heart.  I did a little Christmas shopping and somehow ended up spending more money on those stupid sausages and cheeses at a mall kiosk.  They get me every year.  The holiday shopping completely took my mind off of Anna’s decision to wear four shirts that day, causing her to resemble an Alabama line backer. 

I soon learned of the Crimson Tide’s upset.  {Sorry, Mikey Bo Bo.}  Then, I geared up to watch my own team.  The Oklahoma Sooners.  Yes.  That’s right.  They’ve kind of grown on me this year.  I figure if you can’t beat ‘em.  Well, you know.

Kris came back home Sunday evening.  But, not before I nearly lost my sanity with two children who apparently care more about their own exploits than my peace of mind.  After Anna knocked over a huge bin of dog food, I knew it was time to get out of the house.  Then, I remembered it’s against the law to leave two young kids at home by themselves, so I went back and got them.

I jest.  I would never do such a thing on the Lord’s day.

We all headed to the nearest Sonic and self-medicated with Sonic Blasts and Cream Slushes. 

Later in the evening John Henry informed me that Noah was powerful like God.  A bible story that we apparently need to work on.  And, Anna told me that God was more powerful than Santa.  Perhaps, she should start telling God what she wants for Christmas.  Because, only He can afford her wish list which is pretty much every single commercial you see on the tube. 

That’s it.  That’s my weekend.  How was yours?



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Treasure Hunting

I had quite the response after this post on saving money on my big, fat turkey.  Judy, my loyal commenter, requested that Kitty {treasure-hunter extraordinaire} share some of her treasure hunting secrets.  Judy isn’t playin’ when she comments.  Buh-lieve me. 


We can all learn a thing or two from Kitty on being frugal with our money.  Her intent on acquiring a bargain isn’t so she can hoard her money.  Quite the contrary.  It’s so she has more money to give.  But, that’s an entirely different post.  So, without further ado, I give you Kitty Grubbs.


As most of the local friends know….Joey and I lovvvvvvvvvvve a good bargain!  We shop high and low (sometimes very low) to find the best buys on food, restaurants, home decor and clothes!  Joey has recently accused me of making ridiculous offers (much to Kristen’s embarrassment.)  But, I usually get the item I want for the price I want.  One of my proudest moments lately was over hearing Bobbi Jo [a family friend] make a half price offer at a yard sale!  And she got the prize!  My sister recently acquired a great coverlet set and beautiful pillows ($5) from my yard sale stash.  My recliner in my living room ($40) was one of our great finds recently, along with my new water feature ($5) for my porch. 


Aside from yard sales, we hop over to RiteAid for FREEBATES (items you purchase and are reimbursed the full price for!!) We also use RiteAid’s free cards that give you discounts on the first Tuesday of the month and a 15% discount on their brands every day.  They are also having a special right now where you get a free $30 gift card for every prescription you transfer to their pharmacy.  I got $150 in free gift cards!  Check out RiteAid online for all of these great deals.  CVS and Walgreens also offer free items to get you in their stores.  

I shop all of the grocery ads online.  I buy ALL of my meat on sale and put it in the freezer.  I recently found 80% lean ground chuck on sale at Ingle’s for around $1 per pound.  I called all the locals and we stocked up on ground chuck. I browned 15 pounds of ground chuck, put it in 1 pound bags then straight into the freezer.  This way, I just pull them out for chili, spaghetti, tacos, soup, etc.


I also shop for coupons.  I love their restaurant coupons they put on sale.  I recently acquired a $25 coupon for DAILEY’S for two.  Joey and I had a great evening out!  (Thanks, Sharon for telling me about this website.)  I am also big on bartering for services, and I LOVE to shop for others.  People always let us know what they need, and we often find it.  Speaking of which:  I ALWAYS send out an email when I need something for around the house.  Somebody probably has what you need and would be glad for you to use it!  I recently needed to make some big purchases at Lowe’s and I sent out a “HELP” for a coupon!!  My friend, Jeff Williams, had one and he let me have it!  Saved me $25!!


Anyway, I obviously could go on and on and on.  Hope you learned something!


I sure did.  Thanks, Kitty!  I’m actually treasure hunting this weekend myself.  I am hoping to find a nightstand for John Henry’s room.  I figure if I stare at Kristen’s blog photos long enough, her talent will jump on me, and I’ll have that sucker looking fantastic in no time.


For more deals, hop on over to Christi’s 2 Cents.


Happy Hunting!




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I saw the light!

Most of you know by now that I am a loyal SuperTarget shopper.  Just hearing their new holiday commercial sing “Simply having a wonderful Christmas time” makes me feel all warm inside.  And, right at home.  I buy most everything there – from groceries to Rachael Ray’s cutsie mixing bowls – it’s all there.  Underneath the bullseye.

When my Georgia gals were out celebrating the wonders of the MAC counter with me, Sharon informed me that I was spending way too much on groceries shopping at my home away from home.  Apparently, I listeneth not.

So, at my completely envious Bible Study, this gal and this gal, told me the same dang thing. 

“CREST!”  They exclaimed, as though they were sharing the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.  Cindy even went as far as to tell me that there was deliverance for me.  And, Robin has raised like 29 children, okay 7, so she knows all about saving money.  Thank you, Sisters.  I have seen the light.

Yesterday, I walked into Crest Foods [Oklahoma owned & operated with self-proclaimed “Rock Bottom Prices.”]  The entire experience was nothing less than perfect.  Anna was angelic.  ANGELIC.  The food variety was plentiful.  And those prices – oh, those prices – were rock bottom.

I came across the turkeys.  Then, just like most days, I called my mom.

“Mom, when do I buy my turkey?”

After she laughed at me, she answered, “Well, if you buy it today, buy it frozen.”

“Mom, I’m shopping at this really great grocery store with really great prices.  Turkeys are only 99 cents per pound!”

“Glo-ree!” She shouted.

Not really.  She didn’t shout glo-ree.  She didn’t even shout.  But, I could tell she was proud.  Oh, she was so very proud of her money-saving daughter. 

I loaded up people.  LOADED UP people.  Can I get a whoop whoop?

No.  Don’t give me that.  That is so tacky.

Sean Fields helped me load my groceries in the car.  No, no.  I don’t know Sean.  I just didn’t have any cash to tip him, so I wrote him a check.  Classic.

Later in the day, I was talking to Sharon.  I told her about my rock bottom prices and how Cindy Beall had told me I was spending way too much money on food at SuperTarget. 

“I TOLD YOU THAT ALREADY!  BUT, OH, WHEN CINDY BEALL TELLS YOU SOMETHING, YOU’LL BELIEVE HER.”  She said, but not in all caps.  That’s just me exaggerating to make the story seem bigger than it really is. 

Can you imagine me exaggerating to make a story seem grander? 

Me either.

I can’t promise I still won’t grab my cute red eco-friendly shopping bags and trek back to my homeland known as SuperTarget.  I will.  Just like Starbuck’s seasonal Peppermint Hot Chocolate, I gotta have it.  But, I will make a better effort in saving the pennies.  My grandfather always said (and yours probably did, too):  “Take care of those pennies, and the dollars will take care of themselves.”

For even MORE fabulous deals, my other Bible Study gal, Christi, has a blog ALL ABOUT GREAT DEALS.  The girl knows her stuff.  And, she can help you save BIG.  Get Christi’s 2 cents here.

Have you found any great deals lately?
In what areas do you save money?


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Nintendo DS isn’t just for kids.

This guy was on my flight back from Atlanta last week.  We have met once before, but not since I entered the blogging world.  You know it’s bad when you introduce yourself and almost say “dot com” after your name  – because, that’s how some people identify you.  Anyhoo.  He was accompanied by his beautiful wife and “totally cool” boys, to quote my son.  What made his boys totally cool?  Three things:  1) Nintendo DS, 2) Gameboy Advance, and 3) the fact that they shared these hot gadgets.

Since John Henry’s exposure to a world beyond the handheld Leapster, he has been appealing for the Nintendo DS.  I’m not going to lie to you.  I would get more use out of this one since it would allow me to play round after round of Tetris.  But, it’s not as though I need another distraction.  The world wide web is enough.  Amen?

His birthday is two months away, and I considered letting him put it on his b-day list which is growing by the minute.  I decided, instead, to let him enjoy his Leapster one more year and pick out a new game for the family Wii. 

Why are we so insatiable when it comes to the latest and greatest ______________ (you fill in the blank)?  Gotta have that wall-mounted plasma, the iphone 3G (I resisted), Blu-ray what? 

It’s not a wonder why more and more Americans are getting themselves into some serious debt.  While we pay our credit cards off each month, I still can fall prey to the marketing geniuses of the world.  Steve Jobs ain’t no dummy. 

So, what to do?

Realize that you have everything you need.  You really do.  And, when the timing is right, the money is saved, and priorities are met, enjoy life’s latest luxuries.

As for me, I’m trying to decide whether to get my own Nintendo DS and conceal it or just wait right along with my boy.  ‘Cause if Carrie Underwood has one, it must be fantastic.

What are you itching to buy?


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