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I spoke to a group of young people last night about posers.  We all have been a poser.  We all have pretended to be someone or something we are not.  I talked about the story of the disciple Peter.  You know the one.  Where he denied knowing Christ three times before some rooster crowed. 

I realized this story is not just about a man denying his knowledge of Christ.  It’s about a man denying who HE is.  How often we pose to please people.  We pose, because we don’t want to rock the proverbial boat.  We pose, because we fear rejection.  We pose, because we want to seem normal.

But, I’ve seen normal.

And, I really don’t think I like it.

It’s normal to gossip.  It’s normal to be selfish.  It’s normal to do the church thing on Sunday and then live a life that doesn’t please my Father.  There is a lot of “normal” that really isn’t good at all.  So, why pose? 

I know this is usually a struggle more for young people than adults….maybe.  But, we have all posed at some point in our life.  The issue at hand, however, is not the fact that we deny Christ in the process.  It’s the fact that we deny who WE are.

You are a child of the King.  The power that raised Christ from the dead is inside of you.  You aren’t who people say you are.  You are who God says you are. 

Don’t ever deny that.


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