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She’s Not Your Normal Six Year Old.

I really don’t know a funnier, braver girl than Anna Takle.  I’m sure they are out there.  But, she is mine.  So, I really love hanging out with her.  Her prayer requests never get old.

“Mom, please pray I’ll have super cool dreams about vampires.”

Nor do her artistic expression requests.

“Mom, can I, please, draw bones and skulls on my bedroom wall?”

Um, no.  But, you can dream about them.

Of course, this same girl who doesn’t care what you think about her outfit pick for the day can also beat her momma at a game of chess.  And, create brain teasers that her momma can’t answer.

And, she always knows exactly what to do to make me laugh. 

Do I think it’s normal for a six year old girl to be more interested in her karate moves than princesses?  Or to ask random questions like, “Can you get your tongue tattooed?”  I know, right?

Probably not.

But, I’m really okay with it.  I don’t want “normal.”  Normal isn’t working.  Normal is wanting to be like everyone else.     

Normal is over-scheduled kids.

Normal is thinking that sex before marriage is okay, because “we live in a different world now.” 

Normal is a lot of things I don’t want Anna Takle to be. 

So, I know that if I can help her submit her unique, dare to be different, wonderful personality to Christ, she will be a God kind of different.  More than ever, I am aware of the fact that we are called to be in this world but not like this world.  It doesn’t mean we are judgmental of people who are not followers of Christ.  It does, however, mean we make it easy for them to tell us apart from the “normal.”  So, they will want the better things that aren’t normal, too.

We are called to be different.  And, different really is better.  And it’s happier.  And, I like happy.  Especially, this happy girl.

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.  Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.  Romans 12:2


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The Real Battle.

I spent the greater part of my morning explaining to my 8 year old why less is more when it comes to cologne.  He was concerned with the fact that I had rolled the windows down on the car ride to school, worried that his cologne would dissipate. 

Much to my chagrin (and the chagrin of his teacher, I am sure), it didn’t.

The other part of my morning was spent explaining to my 6 year old why dancing to “Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy” in the school talent show was not appropriate.  Perhaps, it’s the line, “brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack,” I don’t know.  And, if it takes a village to raise children, I need my village to tighten up the ship.  Or the village.  Or whatever.  In other words, I need my dad to pay more attention to the “prizes” Anna chooses when she is with him.

So, she doesn’t come home with a doll that looks like this.

Yes, those are vampire teeth and werewolf ears. 

For. The. Love.

And, to think I took a stance against Bratz dolls in our home in this post

We definitely choose our battles in this house.  Apparently, we don’t choose this battle:

And, the battles we fight now are not the battles we fought two years ago.  Nor, will they be the battles we fight two years from now.  But, we fight the ones that matter.  And, quite frankly, most of the battles I fight right now are my own.  The battle of choosing to make memories with my children over a clean house.  The battle of choosing the house of the Lord over a soccer game.  The battle of seeking God over my selfish desires.  Because, it’s these battles that win the hearts of my children and point them towards the One who loves them more. 

In the book of Ruth, Naomi didn’t set out to ruin her children.  But, she chose pleasure and temporary comfort over serving the King.  As a result, her children suffered. 

Choosing Him in every area of my life is really the most crucial battle in raising my children.  And, while I can rest in the fact that God redeemed Naomi’s life, I know that choosing Him today will make these child-rearing years better.  And, they will be better because of it.

It’s in fighting these battles that I enjoy moments like these. 

It’s in choosing Him that I am really choosing them.


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