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Writing On A School Morning. What AM I Thinking?

Instead of pre-writing this post like I usually do.  I chose to wake up this morning with a clear head to write.  My clear head quickly became cloudy as I remembered I had to wake up school children, throw them in showers and baths, feed them, distribute vitamins, brush their teeth, and make Anna’s lunch.

Because, she insists on eating the same.thing.every.single.day.

I do hope she learns a little more about the Ark today.  When I noticed she studied this great Bible story yesterday at school, I inquired:

“I see you learned about the Ark today.  Who built the ark?”

Without delay, she replied, “I did.”

Well, of course.

So, in a mad dash now to get my two favorite little people to school on time and make it on time for a doctor’s appointment where I’ll hear my soon to be third favorite little person’s heartbeat….

I bid you all a wonderful Thursday.

How is your morning routine?  Relaxed?  Or mad?


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