Writing On A School Morning. What AM I Thinking?

Instead of pre-writing this post like I usually do.  I chose to wake up this morning with a clear head to write.  My clear head quickly became cloudy as I remembered I had to wake up school children, throw them in showers and baths, feed them, distribute vitamins, brush their teeth, and make Anna’s lunch.

Because, she insists on eating the same.thing.every.single.day.

I do hope she learns a little more about the Ark today.  When I noticed she studied this great Bible story yesterday at school, I inquired:

“I see you learned about the Ark today.  Who built the ark?”

Without delay, she replied, “I did.”

Well, of course.

So, in a mad dash now to get my two favorite little people to school on time and make it on time for a doctor’s appointment where I’ll hear my soon to be third favorite little person’s heartbeat….

I bid you all a wonderful Thursday.

How is your morning routine?  Relaxed?  Or mad?


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8 responses to “Writing On A School Morning. What AM I Thinking?

  1. Our mornings are pretty relaxed over here. The kids take their bath at night so that helps a lot.

  2. Dusty Takle

    Anna usually takes her bath at night, but JH prefers to shower in the mornings like “grown-ups.” Anna’s wardrobe choices seem to make our mornings even crazier 🙂

  3. mikeT

    I can never make the girls hair look as good as Bobbi Jo can. The teachers can always tell when I get the girls ready.

  4. The wardrobe craziness is your due reward lol…reaping what you sowed…however you want to say it :)…right now I wake up to 2 out of 4 of my favorite little people and my mornings are very sweet…..

  5. Brenda

    Baths at night and pick out the clothes at night. Too crazy in the AM!

  6. Of course she built the ark.

  7. I just loved the blog, but Mike T. You crack me up!!

  8. marla

    let’s see…no planning ahead over here! 6:05am alarm goes off get Alex up, cereal, shower, warm something in the dryer and rub the wrinkles out, help w/ contacts, ck teeth, and take him to neighbors house to catch a ride. Get back home, wake Tyler, same routine (minus the contacts) then watch for his bus to come @ 7:30ish b/c he could care less if he misses it. THEN…my shower, cereal and run to work for 1/2 day. That’s it! Wished I was more organized.:]

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