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11 Years Old!

We always say Jett is a different kid. But, I am realizing that what we should be saying is Jett is the kind of human everyone should be. He is the most compassionate, considerate and thankful person I know. And, he is 100 percent unapologetically himself. He doesn’t try to be who he thinks someone else wants him to be. I don’t even think he knows to try to do that. I think it’s because he so accepts and loves everyone else as they are, so he believes they also accept and love him, too. Last night, he came into my room with his birthday gifts from his friends. He said, “Mom, I have a lot of friends. That’s a good thing.” It’s a very good thing, Jett Man.

He loves the planet and wants to take care of it.

He thinks it’s time for a woman to be president.

He loves talking politics and science.

He loves researching obscure light sabers, and he saves his money to buy them.

He knows more about animals than anyone I know.

He loves reading Greek Mythology and Harry Potter, and he loves trips to the library.

He loves Legos, and he’s certainly a master builder.

You never know if he’s going to request to listen to J Cole, Def Leopard, or Jim Croce. But, he almost always requests Abba when he’s with his sister. I suppose it’s the Swedish in him.

He LOVES his brother and sister, and they love him. I’ve never seen a kid look up to and be more proud of his siblings than Jett. And, I’ve never seen a brother or sister protect their little brother the way John and Anna do. I think we all desperately want to protect who he is, because we never want him to lose his sense of wonder and his sweet disposition.

Jett Takle, don’t ever stop being you. You are exactly who God created you to be, and this world needs exactly who you are.

I love that you dream big. You believe anything is possible.

I love that you are passionate about the planet and want to protect every single animal, big or small.

I love how you light up when you see Paxton.

I love how grateful you are for every single thing someone does for you.

I love how you aren’t afraid to try something new. You are so very brave.

I love how you share your heart and tell people why you love them. You are such a great encourager.

I love how aware you are if you think someone might feel left out. You leave wherever you are and go be with them.

You don’t complain when something doesn’t go your way. You accept things as they are. You accept it when we say no, and you say thank you one-hundred times when we say yes.

You have a hard time telling Ga-Ga no when he wants you to go fishing with him. And, you run into Nan’s arms every time you see her. You also think she cooks better than I do, and that is very fair.

You think Far-Far is hilarious, and you love him dearly. You think Cathy is the coolest, because she loves animals like you do.

You think Farmor can make anything.

And, you know your dad can make any dream come true.

You love the people in your life so hard and so well. Your quick wit makes us laugh. Your tender words melt our hearts.

Your presence makes us catch our breath.

You are everything good in this world, Jett Takle. Thank you for helping us soak in the present moment a little bit more.

I hope this year is your best year ever. I believe it will be.

Happy 11th Birthday, bud. I love you so very much.



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A day at the museum.

It’s been a pleasant 100 degrees here in Middle America.  It’s so hot, even the pool sounds treacherous.  I mean, it’s excruciating enough to wear a swimsuit at the pool.  So, Saturday, I decided to take the kids to Oklahoma’s own Science Museum – the Omniplex. 

To be perfectly honest, the only science I prefer is science-fiction – as in movies.  But, to escape the heat, break up the monotony of the day, and give my kids some sort of educational experience, I endured the world of science.

The best part about the experience was the 45 minute movie on the Grand Canyon in the Dome Theater.  Eight dollars bought us two sodas, two popcorns, a box of Junior Mints, and Strawberry Fruit snacks.  That would have totaled about $150 at the “real” movie theater.  The movie was narrated by Robert Redford and the music by Dave Matthews.  I haven’t watched a movie on the ceiling since I was a kid myself and nearly lost my meal replacement bar I snuck in a few times.  Holy head spinning, stomach turning Batman!  Anna just kept asking “Why we moving?”  Over and over and over again.

I think Anna enjoyed the face painting center most.


I’m thinking that the next time I spend a small fortune at the MAC counter (that’s make-up heaven for all you dudes reading), I’m going to explain it off to Kris as a science experiment.

I believe the black tape here is to prevent people from touching this display.  Hence, John Henry’s arms raised as if to say “Are you finished taking the picture already?” 


After three hours of me pretending to be oh so fascinated about science, we left.  I picked up my wailing three-year old who kept saying over and over again, “I want this to be my home.” 

If she thinks gravity is cool and wants to live at a science museum, I’m pretty sure I’m never taking her to Disney World.  Else, she’ll have to endure years of counseling that we refused to let Cinderella be her new mommy. 


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