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If He can send frogs from heaven, He can certainly sweep up spiders.

I’m not a fan of the spider.  I mean, in general, spiders do not bother me.  But those deadly ones, well, they tend to make me brush my shoulders at the mere thought of them. Yes.They.Do.

My good friend cleans my house.  Yes, this makes her a really good friend.   She informed me that she killed two brown recluse spiders in my house the other day.  Loverly.

I immediately advised my knight in shining armor of our house being overcome by poisonous arachnids, knowing he would draw his sword and fight every single multi-legged creature to the bitter end. 

“Call Orkin,” he suggested.

Oh, Kris, you steal my heart.  And, I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse, and my husband who sat upon him was called “Scared of Spiders. “

So, yesterday morning I found myself praying for protection over my children.  “Oh, Lord, do away with these spiders with your miraculous power!”  I’m not sure why exactly I started praying like one of those old time television evangelists.  It just seemed appropriate.  Before you know it, I’ll stop wearing make-up and my hair will be in a bun. 

A spider-killer from Orkin came for a visit after I let the Holy Ghost loose in the house.  She (hear that Kris?  SHE?) did some sort of spider-killing treatment.  I’m hoping those crawlers are gone in the name of Jesus.

At times, I feel a bit silly praying for such things.  But, then I remember, what concerns me concerns Him. 

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about what happens to you.”  1 Peter 5:7

Lord knows, those arachnids worry me.

Anything worrying you?


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