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Supergirl turns 4.


That’s right. Today is little Miss Takle’s 4th birthday.  It seems just like yesterday she was tearing up the runway with this look:


And, if you look really close….closer….closer.  Right there.  You got it.  You’ll see a little pink pacifier on the counter, or “boppy” as we called it.  Kind of makes me tear up.  Who am I kidding?  A year of the two’s re-do?  I’m just fine, thank you.

Then, there is my favorite one.


I mean, puh-leese.  Does it get any cuter?

Although she doesn’t know it, Anna takes a lot of heat on mommy’s blog.  From her crimes of fashion to the disclosure of family tales, her life is on display for all thousand ten of my readers. 

So, on Banana Boat’s birthday, I thought it appropriate to share four reasons why I love this pumpkin pie so much.

1.  She is stubborn persistent. 

2.  She is ONE.SMART.COOKIE.  Sight words at 3?  Easy fa sheezy.

3.  FUN-NEE.  She makes me laugh until I cry.  Or almost pee in my pants.  Wait a minute, is that just because I’m getting old?

And, number 4.

She turns my face to hers with her sweet little hands and tells me she loves me.

Happy Birthday Anna Marie Takle.  You make life oh so fun.



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