Supergirl turns 4.


That’s right. Today is little Miss Takle’s 4th birthday.  It seems just like yesterday she was tearing up the runway with this look:


And, if you look really close….closer….closer.  Right there.  You got it.  You’ll see a little pink pacifier on the counter, or “boppy” as we called it.  Kind of makes me tear up.  Who am I kidding?  A year of the two’s re-do?  I’m just fine, thank you.

Then, there is my favorite one.


I mean, puh-leese.  Does it get any cuter?

Although she doesn’t know it, Anna takes a lot of heat on mommy’s blog.  From her crimes of fashion to the disclosure of family tales, her life is on display for all thousand ten of my readers. 

So, on Banana Boat’s birthday, I thought it appropriate to share four reasons why I love this pumpkin pie so much.

1.  She is stubborn persistent. 

2.  She is ONE.SMART.COOKIE.  Sight words at 3?  Easy fa sheezy.

3.  FUN-NEE.  She makes me laugh until I cry.  Or almost pee in my pants.  Wait a minute, is that just because I’m getting old?

And, number 4.

She turns my face to hers with her sweet little hands and tells me she loves me.

Happy Birthday Anna Marie Takle.  You make life oh so fun.



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20 responses to “Supergirl turns 4.

  1. Happy Birthday Anna Banana!!!!!

  2. Priceless as you once put on one of her painted face pictures. ha, she is an adorable birthday girl! Happy birthday Anna!

  3. manymeadows

    That’s one sweet Supergirl! And you’re right…it goes back WAY to fast! Enjoy her special day 🙂

  4. Bonnie

    What a SWEET BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! I hope her day is GRRREEEAAATTTT!!!

  5. AND she’s a great storyteller…

  6. Judy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!!!!!!!! don’t let Superman, I mean Michael Lance see her in that Supergirl outfit…..they get into enough trouble

  7. Happy Birthday my Sweet Anna Banana…You are the joy of my life! I love you so much and wish I was there with you…This is your first birthday I have missed… But I know I will have many more to celebrate with you.
    Love Nan

  8. michel lough

    awww tell that lil munchkin i said happy birthday!

  9. Dusty Takle

    Y’all are so sweet wishing my Banana Boat a happy birthday.

    Judy, I will be on red alert look-out for Superman. I know, at least, Kris will!

  10. Brenda

    Enjoy! They grow up WAY TOO FAST!!!! Happy Birthda, Anna!

  11. Amanda Morgan

    I remember when she was a little bun in your oven and Kris telling Jimmy and I when she was born. Time flies! She is gorgeous and a little pistol! Happy Birthday Miss Priss!

  12. Falon

    I can’t believe our little cross between Mary Kate Olsen, Angelia Jolie and Tina Turner is 4! Seems like only yesterday she was sucking on the boppy and running into walls head first while asking for Dora for the 100th time. Hope you guys have a great birthday!

    When we stopped by last night I tried to steal a cupcake and she informed me that they were for her friends at school….ha.

  13. Did Anna get a rat dog? ha!

  14. Christie

    I was wondering about that Rat Dog too?? post a pic

  15. Sharon

    I love that girl! She is one of a kind and oh so funny! I hope she is having a great birthday. And please send Kris my love and birthday wishes too! I think he is great!

  16. Falon, she still runs into things!

    Lynn & Christie, no rat dogs here!!

  17. shari oliver

    did we miss the ode to kris on his birthday. happy bday anna.

  18. Julie

    …uh, you think you have had stories to tell about/on Anna? Oh, the joys of 4 year old little girls. I always heard of “terrible twos” … NOBODY warned, I mean informed, me of 4 year old little girls. Have a blast Dusty!

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