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On A Lighter Note.

We’ve been visiting family and friends here in the Peach State.  Oklahoma culture is not a far cry from Southern tradition.  But still. 


There’s just something about the deep South.  Perhaps it’s the sheetrock guy who shirt reads “I Tried.”  I only kid.  Sort of.  But, I find myself taking notice of things a little more than when I lived here.  And, it brings back sweet childhood memories.

Take last night for example.  We all sat on my mom and dad’s back porch talking.  I was even swingin’.  Yes.I.Was. 

Soooo, tell me what is one thing about Southern culture that you just love?  And, if you’re not a Southerner, what’s something that comes to mind (good, bad or ugly) that reminds you of Southern culture?

Be nice.  And, have fun. Y’all.


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