On A Lighter Note.

We’ve been visiting family and friends here in the Peach State.  Oklahoma culture is not a far cry from Southern tradition.  But still. 


There’s just something about the deep South.  Perhaps it’s the sheetrock guy who shirt reads “I Tried.”  I only kid.  Sort of.  But, I find myself taking notice of things a little more than when I lived here.  And, it brings back sweet childhood memories.

Take last night for example.  We all sat on my mom and dad’s back porch talking.  I was even swingin’.  Yes.I.Was. 

Soooo, tell me what is one thing about Southern culture that you just love?  And, if you’re not a Southerner, what’s something that comes to mind (good, bad or ugly) that reminds you of Southern culture?

Be nice.  And, have fun. Y’all.


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10 responses to “On A Lighter Note.

  1. Catching ligthening bugs and putting them in mason jars…critter sounds in the trees at night.. beautiful flower gardens and ohhhhhhh the way we talk…I LOVEEEEE IT….SUGAR LOL

  2. Susan

    sweet tea, juicy~almost messy~peaches, pecan pie, and homemade ice cream…maybe mom and dad could whip us up some homemade peach ice cream while swingin on the back porch? Then the children can catch lightening bugs and keep them in mason jars…etc…

  3. Gailynn

    Juicy, messy, peaches, OHHH YES!!! It is just about time for them – swinging on the porch – DEFINATELY – Greatest part of living in the south? The kindness. You wave at people you don’t really know, smile as you pass each other in the store. And my most recent kindness, an elderly gentleman almost ran me off the road. I brushed it off and went on to Wally World. As I was walking into WalMart this same man drove up behind me and apologized. He said he was sorry for frightening me. I just don’t think you see that any where but the South!

  4. Mom

    good ole southern cookin….like John Henry requested for yesterday, pork chops, mashed potatoes, Mac & Cheese, corn, collards, and blackeyed peas.. (enough carbs?) lol, but I really enjoyed being with my family on the back porch, it truly brought back fond memories when time seem to stand still, and there was no “fast track”, living in the moment~

  5. Great blog! I was an Army brat born in New York. But about the south, I love yard sales, lol, love grits too, squash, love the southern drawl, flip flops, tomato sandwiches. But most of all, the way some wave as you drive by there car or truck. Friendliness, is what I guess I notice. Love gardens!
    Swinging is the best thing to do. I love that porch swing, it reminds me of a rocking chair. haha!

  6. RonJon

    There is something about that deck… Like I said on Mike’s blog this a.m. – it feels like i am out in the middle of the country…not a block or two from a busy neighborhood and an airport…

    Having spent 6 months in new york i can tell you one thing…there is nothing like a GEORGIA PEACH…not the kind ya’ll blogged about…the kind that walk on two legs….there are some beautiful women up north, but they have an edge. Not so much about attitude, although that was sometimes the case, but that soft, southern glow was definately missing. I know the humidity can be awful, but it shore keeps that perty soft skin on you suthern women!

  7. Sharon

    Tomato sandwhiches on white bread with a little salt and pepper, green plums, and honeysuckle.

  8. porch swings, sweet tea, 95 degrees and 95% humidity at 6am, fried green tomatoes (fried everything really), and so much more.

    However, could you get your butt home already? We are kind of missing you here.

  9. Playing horseshoes and washers at my family reunion.

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