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The Tithe (Part 1 of 2)

Tithe.  For some, it’s a dirty word.  For some, it’s controversial.  For some, it’s irrational.  For some, it’s a principle.   For me, it’s central to my relationship with God.

What is the tithe?  In simple terms, it’s a tenth of one’s increase (Deuteronomy 14:22).

A few of my thoughts on tithing:

  • – It is one-tenth of any increase in our house.
  • – It lays a foundation for God to bless my family.
  • – It honors God.
  • – It is an act of obedience.
  • – It does not make me immune to financial struggles, but it does give me a platform when I appeal to God to meet a need in my life.
  • – For me, not tithing is the equivalent of robbing God.
  • – It’s the first check Kris and I write.
  • – It is not based on “what is the church gonna do with it?” question.  It’s a Kingdom principle.  Scriptures do not give stipulations or exceptions on tithing.  Neither should I.
  • – My heart is where my wallet is.  For my sake, it better be with Him.

I get seriously excited when Kris and I tithe.  We don’t just give “every once in a while.”  We give upon every increase.  We get to tithe. 

Some people argue that they cannot afford to tithe.  I argue that I cannot afford not to.

Tomorrow, I’ll give some personal examples of how God has blessed our family through honoring Him with ten percent.

What are your thoughts?


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