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Holiday Travel.

I love traveling with children.  Love it.  Love it like I love somebody eating my last Junior Mint or breaking my favorite MAC eye shadow.  Our holiday travel to Georgia was A.WALK.IN.THE.PARK. compared to our summer road trip.  Memba that?  Oh, blessed be the name.  I am aware.  I AM AWARE.  That I am a wee bit spoiled with private travel.  So, you need not throw stones in the commentin’ area.  Mkay?  But, still.  My children obviously do not understand how significant the lives of Edward and Bella are with their relentless inquisition and chatter.  Um, can’t you see I’m reading?  {Still raptured with that dang Twilight Saga.  Sorry.}

Then upon descent, Anna initiates a loud, “DAD!  DAD!  DAD!  DAD!  DAD!”  So much for the FAA requested sterile cockpit. 

Anyhoo, we made it to our beloved G-Town.  And, nothing says holiday cheer quite like watching the movie “Elf” with my dad. 

Here is my favorite clip from the movie. 

Luh-huv it.

Are you traveling for the holidays?  Are you using duct tape to endure the travel?  I kid.  You know I do.  Ahem. 







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