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And, I’m Allergic to Mopping Floors.

I know sometimes you all my mom wonders, “What happened to Dusty’s blog yesterday?”  I have no really valid excuse.  I could say I was busy.  Or tired.  But, then there are those bloggers who have their posts prepared more than a week at a time. 

I wish I was one of them. 

I’m not.  But, I might be one day.

So, all this to say….

Sorry, Mom.

In other news, John Henry received a badge yesterday for Cub Scouts.

Then, we headed out for a nature hike to meet another Cub Scout requirement.  Little sister came along.

I’m proud of his commitment to his pack. 

Later that evening, Anna had her school music program.  We celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one night.  She has insisted on growing out her bangs.  This, we women understand, is a painful process at any age.  To be honest, I prefer my little girl with bangs.  They are just so Anna to me.  But, she has other ideas and means of wearing her hair as noticed in this picture before her pre-school performance.

Prior to her musical debut, I learned she told her teacher that morning she was allergic to books. 

“So, I can’t read today.”

And, there ya go.

I want to tell you all about my experience at the Tapestry Project in downtown Oklahoma City.  Let’s meet back here next week.

Have a great weekend!

Love ya.  Mean it.


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My Pre-Blogging Life: Part Three

journal entry jan 03 wp

January 16, 2003, my divorce was final.  Below is the latter part of my journal entry on that day.  If you are going through a difficult time today, I hope these words give you hope.  I hope they help you realize that in the middle of your storm, God’s presence and goodness is always there.

I know these things for certain:

1.  I’m blessed with a beautiful son.

2.  I have friends that carry me, make me laugh, and love me.

3.  My parents love me, and my happiness is their greatest concern.

4.  There is release in forgiveness.

5.  I am strong.

6.  I’m not afraid to love or put my heart on the line.

7.  I’m ready to, pardon the cliché, spread my wings and fly.

8.  Doors are wide open.

9.  It is good to laugh long and hard every day.

10. I’m better than okay.

11. God has only good things for me.

12. Tribulation produces perseverance, perseverance produces character, and character produces hope.  And, hope does not disappoint.

13. This, too, shall pass.

14. I love my life.

15. I miss my dogs.

16. I love to dance.

17. Running releases stress.

18. I’m the luckiest girl on earth.

19. I’m thankful ’02 is over.

20. I’m thankful for ’02.

Life is an incredible journey.  I learn and grow from every second it offers.  I’m in a great place, and I’ll be in a better place tomorrow.


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My Pre-Blogging Life: Part Two

I continued to read more of my old journal last night.  I read the frustrations of a fifteen and sixteen year old girl wanting to date one Bryan Landreth.  We’ll save that for a completely different post.  I’m just thankful I’m not sixteen any more.  Can I get an amen? 

I read an entry written in 1998 about loss.  About losing my Grandfather five months after he danced at my wedding.  About losing a best friend to a rare disease only one month after my Grandfather’s passing…….

About how we learned so terribly young to not only tell those dear to us we love them….

but why we love them.

I not only drew closer to friends and family during this time of loss.  I grew closer to my Creator.  I wrote in that July 9, 1998 journal entry:

“God has really been stirring in me a greater need for intimacy with Him.”

We already know that when we draw close to Him, He draws close to us.  Or, perhaps, He draws close to us waiting on us to draw close to Him.  Either way, when we do, we learn this:

journal entry july 98 wp

“The greatest revelation one can obtain is the knowledge that God loves them very much.”

Ya know, even eleven years later, I still believe this to be true.

God loves us so, so very much.  He loves us no matter what we do or don’t do.  His love is unchanging.  And, when we really get the revelation of how much He loves us, we can walk knowing we are forgiven.  We are free.  And, we belong to Him.


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My Pre-Blogging Life.

Long before I started this Randomness journal online, I had this journal.

journal wp

This book has been in my life since October of 1986.  Susan Woodward (Mimi) gave it to me.  See?

journal - susan wp

That was twenty-three years ago.  TWENTY-THREE!  That would have made me 11 years old.  I pulled out that old journal last night.  I have written in this journal every year since 1986 until 2003.  My very first entry began like this:

Journal entry 86 wp

The title of my entry was “The First Time the Lord Spoke to Me.”  I read through the writing of an eleven year old with a thirty-four year old heart.  I can still remember her and what she felt.  I read about a young girl wanting to hear God speak to her about a situation.  I wanted to hear a yes or a no.  I simply heard a trust that my parents’ decision is the will of God. 

I can remember my father telling me “no” concerning an event I wanted to hear a “yes” to.  I wrote, “Before the Lord spoke to me, I just knew I’d be disappointed if dad said no.” 

When God speaks, it should bring us peace.  It should make trusting Him easier, because His thoughts are so much higher than our thoughts.  It was such a simple concept for me to grasp at age 11.  But, at 34, I forget, on occasion, to be solely dependent on Him and what He says. 

I forget to trust His voice.

I forget to trust His voice in scriptures. 

I need that eleven year old girl to remind me more often that His very voice can calm stormy waters and bring peace to an unsettled heart. 

How do I ever forget that?

Incline my heart to your word.  Psalm 119:36


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The Best Investment.

Some would argue that now is the time to invest in the stock market while price tags are low.  Others would say otherwise.  Kris says it’s a perfect time to purchase an airplane.  I’ll look into my wallet and get right on that.  Real estate has always been a sure bet.  Then, this thing called a bubble deflated. 

Investments in these things can be risky.  Sometimes, they pay largely.  Other times, they drive men to bankruptcy or depression.

But, I know of an investment where you will reap rewards over and over and over again.  It’s investment into people. 

Friendships, to be specific.

Growing up, I invested into friends in Georgia.  I poured into them.  They poured into me.  Even living hundreds of miles away, I still call them, e-mail them, visit them….invest in them. 

They still invest in me.

Because, these friendships matter.

I found it difficult settling into life in Oklahoma for a very long time, because I missed the daily interaction of true, covenant friends.  Then last year, Cindy Beall found my blog (after I had been stalking hers), and said, “Hey, I’m gonna start a little bible study, and I’ve been praying about who to ask to be a part.  Well, you came to mind.  You game?”  Okay, that’s not verbatim, but pretty darn close.  I never laid eyes on Cindy until the day I walked up to her doorstep for that first bible study.  I could have easily declined, and continued on wishing I had friends surrounding me in Oklahoma. 

Could have.

But, I got off my Junior Mint eatin’ booty and went.  Walking through Cindy’s door opened up a whole new world of friendships to me.  I met Deleise, Janna, Jennifer, Christi, Robin M, Robin S, Nicole, Kim, Natalie, and Elizabeth.  We all share a love for following Christ, motherhood, and pure FUN.  Oh, and we all blog except for Elizabeth.  That girl does well to check her e-mail, but you just gotta love her cute, healthy livin’ lovin’ self.

My Georgia and Oklahoma friends pray for me.  They encourage me.  And, they will be at my front door at a moment’s notice.  Even if they have to hop on an airplane to make it happen.

Because, they’ve been my best investment. 

I love them.  They love me.  And, I can’t fathom doing life without any of them.

God created us with a need.  A need for people. 

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.  Proverbs 17:27


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Favorite Comment of the Week.

I love all of your comments on this here Randomness blog.  But, my favorite comment this week is courtesy of Judy.  For all you Twitter folk, that’s @judypyoung, mother of @thelanceyoung and @bonniespencer

In response to the post, “She Will As Soon As She Finishes Her Puzzle,” Judy comments:

“…when o when did I stop skating to my room????”

Seriously.  When did we stop skating to our room? 

Love her.

Happy Weekend!


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Let Them Eat Cake.

This blog is officially one year old.  Okay, one year and two days, but I figured you didn’t want to celebrate the BIG BLOG BASH on your very coveted Saturday.  I certainly didn’t want to give up my laundry and trip to the Red Carpet Car Wash.

So, here’s the celebration, folks.  Let’s party.

I said LET’S PARTY!!

Man, we are rock stars. 

You probably notice the little facelift I gave my dotcom.  I let my mom take a sneak peak yesterday. 

“Oh, it’s nice,” she said very convincingly. 

It seems my mom misses Anna’s cute little feet at the top of the page.  I’ve agreed to randomly change the pictures out from time to time.  FOR.MY.MOTHER.  Because, I’m a good daughter like that.  And, she’ll fly out here and keep my kids on a moment’s notice.

When I first began this blog, the thought occurred to me that I may have nothing to write about every single weekday.  Of course, you may be thinking, “Um, you don’t have anything to write about.”  Bigmama would tell you, “You better hush.” 

As a mother, you know we are never short on stories.  And, as long as Anna Takle is Anna Takle, there will always be a post that might make you chuckle – or just feel the need to pray for me J

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my little life and journey with our big God as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about them.  Life is hard enough to not share it with friends. 

For real.


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It’s a blog eat blog world.

Okay.  So, the title of this post has little or nothing to do with the post itself.  I’ve just always wanted to use that one.  There ya go.

Now, as for the blog world, bloggers usually read a whole host of blogs daily.  If you’ve ever visited any links from my “Really Cool Blogs”, then you’ve been exposed to the ones I frequent and enjoy.

That being said, here is a recent post from this guy and a response from this girl that I cannot get out of my head.

Scott Williams, author of Big Is the New Small posted:
“God isn’t fair.”

Cindy Beall responded:
“I’m glad He isn’t.  I need His mercy.”

There have been a few circumstances in my life where I didn’t feel that God was fair.  But, I wonder how many times He has poured out His mercy on me when I deserved otherwise.  I bet a lot.


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Welcome to my random world!

It’s been my intent for very long time to begin chronicling my journey through life, if not for posterity’s sake, at least for my favorite four little eyes  – John Henry and Anna.  You may not always agree with me.  Heck, I’m sure you’d throw my finite mind into lunar orbit with some of your thoughts, too.  For real.  But, you may find that while we may hold different opinions and bear different burdens, we are all the same in wanting to do life, and do it right.  I don’t always get it right, but dang it, I give it my best shot every day.  As a follower of Christ, it is my heart’s desire that my home always bring glory to Him.  Granted, some days, it just brings the what for, especially when you say things like “Anna, please don’t pee in John Henry’s suitcase.”  What?  You’ve never said that?  For real. 

I’ve endured a heart broken, and I’ve been blessed beyond measure.  I’ve cried myself to sleep, and I’ve been filled with joy up to my ears.  I struggle with worry, yet I am full of hope.  I hope I learn from my life lessons,  and I hope that just maybe they will inspire you.  So, make yourself at home, and stay a while.  Maybe we can learn a thing or two from each other.


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