I know this man.

I know this man who loves deeply.  He is selfless.  He loves his family like no other.  He is patient when he takes his daughter fishing and she pees while sitting on the bank.  He will interrupt a busy day to take his son flying in a little red Cessna.  When his wife shares her fears and stresses of life, he responds with a heartfelt, “What can I do?”  He travels to make provision possible, but when he is home, he is all there.

That merits repeating….he is ALL there. 

He is funny.  I mean really funny.  His heart is golden.

He is a loyal friend.  He is an even better daddy.  As a husband, he beats all.

I’m on my annual girls trip, and my thoughts are on him.  But, my thoughts are on him every day.  Sappy, I know.  I like sappy sometimes.   Casey, would you please play “I Know What Love Is” by Celine Dion? 

My dear friend, Jenny, sang this in our wedding.  These words ring more true today than they did August 16, 2003: 

I will fall
And you will catch me always
Time has taught me this
I will fly
And you’ll be there to guide me
Straight up to my heart’s highest wish
I feel you close to me
And I know what love is

I know this man.  I’m so blessed that I do.

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  1. Well, I think it is just plain out sweet! I love you have a love like Kris!! I really love it! love you too!

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