Women who have influenced me. (5 of 5)

Vickie Brauckmann

I met Vickie February of 2003 – the same day Kris Takle came into my life.  My relationship with Vickie has been one of the most defining elements in my life as an adult, as a woman, and as a friend. 

I have been blessed with many close friends.  This verity made moving to Oklahoma bittersweet.  But, I found a friend in Vickie.  She embraced me instantly.  She has also taught me the beauty in not only being a friend, but what it means to truly care for one.  You see, when Vickie is with you, she is with you.  You know those people that you talk to who are usually thinking of the next thing they are going to say instead of listening to you?  That’s not Vickie.  She lives in the moment with her friends.  She listens to them.  She is genuinely interested in what’s going on their lives. 

Her home is her haven, and she welcomes you…..really welcomes you into it.  When she invites you into her home, she makes you feel like you’re the only person that exists – and, she takes care of you to perfection.  And, when she invites you into her life, she invites you in for good. 

She is one of the most caring women I have ever met.   She can be trusted.  She is genuine to the core.  She is blessed but unpretentious.  She makes me proud to be a woman and even prouder to be a friend.

Vickie once gave me a beautiful kitchen towel that reads “Friends are relatives you make for yourself.”  No one emanates this adage better than Vickie. 

Because she and her husband, David, loved Kris so much, they also loved me.  I cannot say enough about their friendship.  They have believed in us and loved us with a love that is extraordinary. 

I moved to Oklahoma for love and found much more in my dear friend, Vickie.

….but a real friend sticks closer than a brother.  Proverbs 18:24


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2 responses to “Women who have influenced me. (5 of 5)

  1. I can honestly say that Vickie DOES make you feel like you are so important and that she really cares about what you have to say. I have had the honor and pleasure (and such a pleasure it was) to be in her home, she made me feel so welcomed and loved, that is was truly amazing. I have been so blessed at how she and David have loved my daughter. And had a peace in my heart by knowing they always seem to watch over Dusty and have been such wonderful friends to her and Kris.
    Vickie I love you dearly!

  2. Dusty, thank you so much for sharing these lovely women. How honoured they must feel by your mention. 🙂

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