The weekend that was.

The Takle family had quite the event-filled weekend.

First, this guy graduated from pre-school.

Yep.  A real, live graduation filled with entertainment from the graduates themselves….and, a little sister who insisted on being included.

We then prepared for a big wedding weekend.  Falon, who used to care for my children, tied the knot with her Tulsa police officer.  The ring-bearer and flower girl aren’t much for rehearsals.

But, they did love the dance floor.

They didn’t want to see their Falon go, so they did what they knew to do.

Eventually, even they could not overcome the weight of their sleepy heads.

But, this one did manage to fall asleep with his arm still clutched to his ring bearer pillow.

It was a good weekend. 


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2 responses to “The weekend that was.

  1. Brenda

    Tell JH congrats on his graduation and that we have him a rake and a mop for his graduation present. haha!! JH and Anna looked so beautiful and should have been allowed to go with their Falon on her honeymoon….great birth control!! haha

  2. Amy Hull Watson

    Your kids did look beautiful but I do have to say that YOU took the cake…. You are always so beautiful inside and out… I wish I could hate you…

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