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She Marches To the Beat of A Different Drummer.


Anna had her Spring Music Program last night.  I requested she pose for a picture or two.  And, this is what she gave me.

I don’t know.  We don’t even ask any more. 

I caught a little video clip of her singing.  Pretty certain she knew she was being videoed. 

Annnnd, peace out.

Have a great weekend.


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A Girl Has To Keep Her Status Updated.

These days when I look at my mobile and notice the school calling, I immediately think, “Anna.”  Yesterday was no different.  And, my thinking was correct.

Anna’s teacher first wanted to let me know that she had “told a story” the day before.  According to her teacher, Anna had told her friends she had surgery on her pinky finger.  I let her teacher know we would address the importance of telling truthful stories.

She wasn’t really in trouble for this next little incident.  Her teacher just wanted to “make (me) aware” of Anna’s computer skills.

Anna’s Teacher:  “Anna was at the school computer, and I heard her saying, ‘Ugh!  I can’t log into my account!’”

When she went to view Anna’s computer screen, this is what she saw:

Anna’s Teacher:  “I was surprised she could find the Twitter web site!”

Me:  “Er, yes.  Me, too.”

Seriously.  Where did she acquire Twitter knowledge and those skills?  Probably her Dad.  I’m sure of it.

When I picked her up from school, I asked why she had told her friends she had surgery on her pinky finger.

Anna:  “What?  I didn’t tell them I had surgery on my pinky finger!  I told them I had surgery on this finger!”  She said, pointing to her index finger.

Being the mother of Anna Takle, friends, is why I should never be short on blog material.



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First Day For A First-Grader And A Princess.

First day school 1

First day of school. 

My first grader didn’t want me to walk him to his class.

But I did.

First day school 3

My pre-schooler didn’t want me to walk her to her class.


First day school 2

She also requested that I braid half of her hair on one side of her head while the other side of her hair rests on her shoulders.

Not today.

Perhaps, tomorrow, Miss Banana. 

I had every intention in doing some deep cleaning and organization yesterday after dropping the kids off at school.  I made the mistake of sitting down to rest for a moment.

A moment that turned into a few or a hundred.

They both had a great first day.  Anna told me, “I didn’t do any bad stuff or say any bad words.”  She had documentation to prove it.  She smiled and gave me a certificate that announced, “Here Ye!  Here Ye!  The Royal Courts Declare Anna Takle was a Princess in Preschool Today!”

And, that, my friends, equals a successful day.


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The Loudest Shoes Ever Created. Ever.

For those who don’t follow me on the Twitter, I thought you’d appreciate a picture of Anna’s wardrobe choice yesterday.

Anna - fashion wp

She thought a swimsuit cover-up accented with fluffy, pink heels would really make a statement while running errands with Mom and brother.  I stood my ground.  She changed into something a bit more presentable.  With the fluffy, pink heels, of course.  And, by the way, the basket of laundry is still strategically positioned right where you see it.  Strategic in that I can say, “These clothes are clean, kids.  Pick out something to wear.” 

I’m gettin’ to it.  Mkay?  The important lesson here is to next time allow the cover-up and ban the shoes. 

That I heard clippity clapping down every store aisle.

Her amusement knows no boundaries.  She later requested that I close my eyes while driving, so she could tell me where to go.  I didn’t, Dad.  We made it safely home with my eyes mostly open.  I’m a recoverin’ still, ya know.

I had to stay awake long enough to go to Parent Orientation at the kids’ school.  I was beyond thrilled to see that John Henry’s Kindergarten teacher moved up to first grade, and he will have her again.  And, I was reluctant in disclosing some of Anna’s more adventurous traits to her pre-school teacher.  I felt ignorance was truly bliss in that matter.   Don’t you agree?

Let’s just hope she’s never read this blog.


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The NAV Bible (New Anna Version)


Last week, Anna got into trouble at Pre-School.  When I found out about it, I let her know that she was in trouble, and I would have to tell her dad about it.  John Henry, self-appointed Sheriff of Moral Order, also got involved.  Here is how the conversation went.

Me:  Anna, I’m going to talk to your dad when we get home.  This is unacceptable.

Anna: (Crying) NO!  Don’t tell Daddy!  Don’t tell Daddy!

Me:  Anna, I can’t keep this from your Daddy.

John Henry:  Anna, the Bible says we should not keep secrets from one another.  [A bit of a stretch on the truth shall set you free.]

Anna:  (Sobbing) Well, my Bible says different things!

I could not help but laugh.  Her Bible says different things.  Oh, how we all, at some point in life, pretend our Bible says something different.

Her quick wit didn’t save her from being disciplined. 

But, it almost did.

Have you ever been unable to discipline your child because of his or her wit?  I bet you have!


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This post is brought to you by the letter V.

Anna’s pre-school teachers backed me into a corner the other day interrogating me on what kind of language we are using in the Takle house. 

They didn’t really.  But, I bet they wondered after Anna’s little illustration.

Anna and her schoolmates are learning the letter “V”.  Who can think of a word that begins with the letter “V”?  Apparently, Anna can. 

“I know!  I know a word that starts with V!”  She claimed.

Of course, her teachers obliged.



Her teachers assured me they did, indeed, hear the “V” sound.  I suppose as long as she doesn’t say “What the” in front of it, we’ll be okay.


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She said it. She really said it.

Nothing like those little girls.  Since John Henry has been in big kid school, Anna and I have been getting a lot of alone time together.  It’s always an adventure with some precious moments mingled in there.  Here is a recent dialogue:

Anna (Unprompted, I must add):  “I love you, Mom.  You’re so pretty.”

I know, I know.  Could it get any sweeter? 

Me:  “Thank you!  Thank you, Anna!”

I’ve apparently come a long way since being called “a monster.”  Of course tomorrow morning, I could very well be the antichrist.

She started Pre-K on Monday.  I picked out the cutest first day dress.  Now, I will only imagine how cute she might have looked, because she had other ideas.

Nothing like a Tinkerbell tee to accent an aqua skirt.  If only she could have look excited about her first day.

Her preschool teacher told me that she didn’t know our family had a pink pig that eats cat food.  “I’m excited about the stories she will tell”, her teacher said. 

Um.  Me, too.

Anna also just started gymnastics yesterday.  Since she first learned that she would begin training for the 2020 Summer Olympics, she has been begging every day, “Please, take me to gymnastics!”  Some things are better left told on the day of the event.  One would think I would have already learned this one.

She was all too excited about her fancy schmancy leotard.

“It sparkles!” she proclaimed to everyone who saw her.

She did love gymnastics.  She was so confident in her tumbling abilities at one point that she left her group and made herself at home on the uneven bars and later the tumbling mat.  I was so very proud – even if she had to be gently guided back to her group.

I love her confidence.  It’s my job to help her channel that confidence into who she is in Christ.  Then, there is no doubt that she can do anything. 

Nor is there any doubt that you and I can do anything.

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.  Philippians 4:13

Do you ever forget who you are in Christ?  I sure do.



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The weekend that was.

The Takle family had quite the event-filled weekend.

First, this guy graduated from pre-school.

Yep.  A real, live graduation filled with entertainment from the graduates themselves….and, a little sister who insisted on being included.

We then prepared for a big wedding weekend.  Falon, who used to care for my children, tied the knot with her Tulsa police officer.  The ring-bearer and flower girl aren’t much for rehearsals.

But, they did love the dance floor.

They didn’t want to see their Falon go, so they did what they knew to do.

Eventually, even they could not overcome the weight of their sleepy heads.

But, this one did manage to fall asleep with his arm still clutched to his ring bearer pillow.

It was a good weekend. 


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