I also hide under beds and in closets.

Getting my kids motivated to get ready for school is no easy task.  The other morning, I politely asked them in my sing song voice, “Go get dressed for school.”  (Kind of sing it when ya say it.)  A few moments later, I notice they are having too much fun in Anna’s princess tent to attempt taking off their PJS (much less the princess gown.)   So, again I say, patiently still, “Okay guys, get out of the tent and get dressed for school.” 

More moments passed.  And, you mommas know what happens to your voice once more moments pass.

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and crack every windshield in the house with one growl, I exclaimed, “GET OUT OF THE TENT AND GET DRESSED BEFORE I SPANK THE BOTH OF YA!” 

Well, you know the whole “spank” suggestion works….although neither were shaking in their PJs.

As Anna walks by me, she stops and says, “You’re a monster.”



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13 responses to “I also hide under beds and in closets.

  1. Falon

    Fear is not a word in Anna’s vocabulary!

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha! That was sooo funny to me, as I am not going through it, like you are, BUT….brought back many memories, experiencing it myself, so, (giggles) lol, lots of sympathy? You paint the picture well!

  3. Sharon

    I am sure my kids have had the same thoughts about me! You know I have used my monster voice a time or two.

  4. Amanda Morgan

    I’m watching you Wazowski, always watching…

  5. Brenda

    Are you “reaping” what you sowed or can you thank Kris for this one? HAHA…I’m thinking the first!!! Well, just to let you know, this will NOT be the last time that you are called a “monster” or worse by one of your little angels! Remember: #1- YOU are the Mother; #2- They HAVE to go to school (on time); #3-After they don’t get their way later on, they will tell you that you are not their friend, remember #1, You are their MOTHER, they only have one MOTHER, and already have plenty of friends; #4- Why is Anna in PJs? I thought we fixed this problem a few days ago with the Princess Gown. ( It is much harder to run away from your “spanking” in a gown, yet another positive for the gown). #4- It is not against the law to take them to school in their PJs ( this shouldn’t have to be done but one or two times and works well to your advantage). #5- Now you know why animals eat their young, their mothers must be monsters too. haha #6- Remember the MAMA/YES conversation of a few days ago, go on and pick up the cellphones for the two of them, a) you can yell at them in ALL CAPS: and b) you will have texted proof that can be used in court on your behalf if #5 does occur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bonnie

    I know Max has called me a BITCH in his mind for some time now. However, I do think that he wants to marry me when he gets old enough. Just sayin’, they still love us!!!

  7. I understand completely. Alex is 16. He won’t go to bed early and hates to get up. He won’t set his alarm because he thinks that because I’m up, what the “biggie”. Yet … when I TRY and wake him up he yells at me “I heard you the first three times, geesh, your mean in the morning!” I’m already planning to turn his room into a walk in closet when he moves out, that’s how ticked I get. Bless him, Lord, bless him before I get to him. 🙂

  8. Judy

    sooooooooooo Bonnie DOES know how to comment!!!!!!!!!!!! and for the record, Max would neverrrrrrr call Bonnie that word!!!!!!!!

  9. Julie

    Dusty – I want to meet Hope – she sounds awesome! My girls are 20 & 17 and STILL say, “Why do you have to yell?” Why? You ask why? Because you don’t budge until I do. Actually, they quit budging years ago. I think I gave up.

  10. Dusty Takle

    I’m glad to know I’m not alone in the world of mothers with loud, ahem, slightly elevated voices.

    Amanda – Love that movie!
    Hope – The walk-in closet idea completely cracked me up.
    Judy – No worries. It’s your job to defend your grandchildren whether they need defending or not.

  11. Gayla

    Oh Dusty… you do remember the Sarah stories… I’ve never been called a monster…but I’m sure that she has thought it. Sam, on the other hand, tells me every day ( and many times) what a great mother I am and how much he loves me. He doesn’t want that monster voice directed at him.

  12. Jennifer

    A monster! Oh my ! One day she will realize she has the coolest mom around.

  13. Amy Hull Watson

    A monster??? HAHHA I am laughing at that one.. Well, I know you were nothing like her as a child right???

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