Silver teeth and locusts.

I taught three and four year olds yesterday at church.  Anna, my new student, informed me, “You’re not a teacher, you are mom.”  I’m not sure how she’ll take it when she discovers that I actually once did teach young minds.  The day’s lesson was on John the Baptist and how he spent many a day in the desert, consumed his share of wild locusts, and talked to people about their sin.  Their edible craft consisted of a cracker, some peanut butter, a few pretzels and a few m&m’s.  It was pretty much craft heaven for the little sugar connoisseurs.  They were to assemble the “craft supplies” into a wild locust or as one kid pointed out, a “cricket”.

Before I let the kids devour their locust, I suddenly thought to ask them if any were allergic to peanuts.  I may as well had asked them to explain e=mc2.  However, one boy asked, loudly (either he thought I was hard of hearing or he had no volume control), “DOES IT HAVE SUGAR!?!?” 

“Yes.”  I explained.



And, when I later asked Anna what she learned at church that day, she was quick to tell me “about peanut butter and a cracker.”

I’m just so relieved that she is soaking up the Gospel.  And, I’m further relieved that the others are taking care of their silver teeth.


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5 responses to “Silver teeth and locusts.

  1. kristen fountain

    three year olds are allowed to have silver teeth implanted? there is something wrong with this.

  2. haha—-yeah….just hang in there. She’ll eventually get it!

  3. Ha ha ha! Good write up Dusty! Keep on, keeping on!
    love you a bunch!

  4. hullwatson

    HAHHA well my silver tooth has not stoped me YET.. HAHHA that is sooo funny. You sure he wasn’t wearing a grill??? Maybe if my dentist told me about the silver tooth and sugar I would still be the same size I was in High School…

  5. Jennifer

    LOL 🙂 I had a silver tooth…right in the front….I need to have my mom send me a pic of it. It was really HOT!

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