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And, We Also Know Noah Built An Ark.

Nan - Anna Grand Day

Anna (to Nan):  So, there was this man who did not like Jesus.  He put people in jail if they talked about Jesus.  Then, a bright light made him not see.  Then, he loved Jesus. 

Nan:  Are you talking about the Apostle Paul?

Anna:  You KNOW that story?

It’s kind of like that song re-make that your kids are surprised you know.  ‘Cause, it’s like a re-make

But, I do love hearing stories from the Bible told by my children.  So, one day, they will not only know that story, it will be written on their hearts.

To always be reminded of His faithfulness.

His provision.

His sovereignty.

His presence.

Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation.  Joel 1:3


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Out of the mouth of babes.

Happy Monday Y’all!  I hope your Sunday Experience was a great one.  The UCO (University of Central Oklahoma) Ebony Gospel Choir performed at Lifechurch.tv.  That choir is where it’s at.  For real. 

Back in the Peach State, my dad is doing a new series called “reDiscovery.”  Yesterday, he talked about rediscovering our youth.  I realize I wasn’t there for the message, but I do read over his messages QUITE.A.FEW.TIMES before the Sunday Experience.  I can hear dad reading this post now.  “Oh, using my notes for your blog, huh?” 

Uh-huh.  I am.

I believe we can learn a lot from children in how we present ourselves to our Heavenly Father and how we do life.  Dad talked about {at least, he was supposed to} several desirable traits children have.  One of those being “forgiveness.”  I was reading Anna the story of Adam and Eve from her Beginner’s Bible the other day.  I finished with,

“It was a sad day when Adam and Eve left.  God sent an angel to the garden.  The angel held a flaming sword.  He flashed it back and forth so no one would go back into the garden.”

Anna immediately responded, “That was mean!”

Most of us would argue that they deserved it because of their disobedience.  And, well, since it WAS God’s decision, we can’t really say He missed that one.  But, Anna’s willingness to overlook other’s mistakes here is what really spoke to me.  How often I can have this judgmental, you had it comin’ to ya attitude.  When in reality, God has called us to be like a child, always forgiving and a springboard of grace and mercy. 

We can leave the flaming swords to Him. 

He is God.

We’re His children.


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Silver teeth and locusts.

I taught three and four year olds yesterday at church.  Anna, my new student, informed me, “You’re not a teacher, you are mom.”  I’m not sure how she’ll take it when she discovers that I actually once did teach young minds.  The day’s lesson was on John the Baptist and how he spent many a day in the desert, consumed his share of wild locusts, and talked to people about their sin.  Their edible craft consisted of a cracker, some peanut butter, a few pretzels and a few m&m’s.  It was pretty much craft heaven for the little sugar connoisseurs.  They were to assemble the “craft supplies” into a wild locust or as one kid pointed out, a “cricket”.

Before I let the kids devour their locust, I suddenly thought to ask them if any were allergic to peanuts.  I may as well had asked them to explain e=mc2.  However, one boy asked, loudly (either he thought I was hard of hearing or he had no volume control), “DOES IT HAVE SUGAR!?!?” 

“Yes.”  I explained.



And, when I later asked Anna what she learned at church that day, she was quick to tell me “about peanut butter and a cracker.”

I’m just so relieved that she is soaking up the Gospel.  And, I’m further relieved that the others are taking care of their silver teeth.


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