It’s a blog eat blog world.

Okay.  So, the title of this post has little or nothing to do with the post itself.  I’ve just always wanted to use that one.  There ya go.

Now, as for the blog world, bloggers usually read a whole host of blogs daily.  If you’ve ever visited any links from my “Really Cool Blogs”, then you’ve been exposed to the ones I frequent and enjoy.

That being said, here is a recent post from this guy and a response from this girl that I cannot get out of my head.

Scott Williams, author of Big Is the New Small posted:
“God isn’t fair.”

Cindy Beall responded:
“I’m glad He isn’t.  I need His mercy.”

There have been a few circumstances in my life where I didn’t feel that God was fair.  But, I wonder how many times He has poured out His mercy on me when I deserved otherwise.  I bet a lot.


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3 responses to “It’s a blog eat blog world.

  1. He’s very good to us.

  2. hullwatson

    We always want to say he is not fair when life is not going the way we want it to or if we are hurt… BUT, after we get through that hurdle and see the sunshine again you look back and say WOW God is good… So just always remember that GOD KNOWS BEST and realize that we have to live through Hell sometimes to make it to heaven and IF we mess up like we ALL do at times he does forgive. If I get upset I go to him and tell him HERE you go GOD I am giving you this burden because I can’t handle it and I know you have a grander plan…
    Sorry for my speach….

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