Sweet Interruptions

So, I was in the kitchen the other day.  No, I wasn’t whipping up one of my incredibly famous meals from scratch.  My wonderfully pink Dell laptop rests on my kitchen counter, and I was all consumed.  I do understand that it’s cool to go Mac, but Dell and I have had a successful relationship for many years now.  He has been faithful and true – and my software works as it should on him.  To toss him aside for a trendier model just seems unkind.

So, I was in the kitchen. 

I hear John Henry calling from the family room, “Mom, would you come in here with me, so I know where you are?”

I saved my draft and met his request.

A couple of days later, it was pretty much the same scenario.

“Mom, would you come in here, so I can see you?”

“Yes, son.”   And, so I did.

I wonder how often God calls us to come be with Him, and we are too frenzied with other things.  I can assure you it happens all the time with yours truly.  Don’t get me wrong.  I dust off my Bible at times and read it the old-fashioned way.  I do, however, like the accessibility of reading the Bible online – on my wonderfully pink Dell, no less.  I’m always swift to pray for my family and others.  I usually serve when there is a need.

But, I often don’t take the time to slow down – take my eyes off of the consumptions of the day – and just be with Him.  No appealing.  Just a little girl enjoying time with her Father – and a Father enjoying His little girl.

I think our Heavenly Father call us often.  “Hey, Dusty, would you come in here with me, so I can see you?”

Gotta run.

“Coming John Henry!”


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4 responses to “Sweet Interruptions

  1. kristen fountain

    macs rule

  2. kristen fountain

    sorry, I had to.

  3. shari oliver

    DURSTEE!!!!!! will you come here so i can know where you are?

  4. dlkaufman

    Great post. We learn so much from our kids. Oh, and at my house Dell is called Dull. Techno-geek husband.

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