Finding your sweet spot.

On occasion, I hear someone tell me that he is doing exactly what he was called – or designed – to do.  Many other times, I hear the frustration in someone’s voice who is unsatisfied with where he or she is in life. 

Then, there are times, where we just fail to appreciate the journey.  I tend to fall into this category.

How do you know that you are functioning in your sweet spot?  I tend to believe that when we are walking in obedience with Christ, that He is ordering our steps.  And, when He orders our steps, it’s pretty hard to not be where we are supposed to be. 

There are a ton of self-help books to help guide people in living a fulfilled life.  Max Lucado’s Cure For the Common Life is all about aiding readers to discover the life they were created to live.  Rick Warren rocked the world with his very popular The Purpose Driven Life.  And, while I’ve read and enjoy both books, I feel that there is no special code to break in discovering His will and our passions. 

For me, it’s about prayer, and it’s about obedience.  Kind of a simplistic view of faith but a powerful one.   

And, while we may get frustrated where God has us at different times, the ability to rest in knowing that He is placing each stone in front of us to step on changes everything.

Allowing God to direct our steps reflects that we are indeed made righteous.  Not righteous due to our own doing but due to His grace.

Psalm 37:23 says the Lord directs the steps of the godly.  He delights in every detail of their lives.  I especially like the latter part of this verse – he takes pleasure in even the smallest parts of our lives.  To quote Anna, this “big, giant God” cares for every detail of my life and yours.

When we obey Him, He guides us.  When we let Him lead, we will surely settle into all He created us for.  It may not always take the shape or form we expect it to.  But, I feel confident that His road leads us to our sweet spot.



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4 responses to “Finding your sweet spot.

  1. Judy

    “For me, it’s about prayer”

    My Papa always said, “PRAYER IS THE MOST POWERFUL THING IN THE WORLD”….I agree ….my prayer….THAT WE ALL ENJOY THE JOURNEY AND THAT IT GETS SWEETER AS THE DAYS GO BY…don’t borrow from tomorrow, tomorrow will have ENOUGH problems of its own…CAN I GET AN AMEN

  2. I do agree. Walking in the Spirit and being led by Him is key. I do think, however, that our spiritual gifts and past experiences play a key role in finding our sweet spots.

  3. Cindy, you are right. It wasn’t my intent to discount the fact the He has given each of us gifts. Discovering those gifts are also key. I just meant that we can get frustrated at times wondering if we are in our sweet spot during our journey.

    Thanks for reminding everyone that our gifts and experiences also factor in!

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