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An Appointment With God.

It is honestly hard to be as raw and real as this post will be. Because, I am a positive girl. I take captive thoughts that drain me, that aren’t good for me, and I’m usually really good at making those thoughts obedient to truth. Obedient to the fact that His ways are good and perfect. To the truth that all things work together for the good. ALL things. But, I have struggled these past two months. I haven’t struggled in knowing He is good. But, I have struggled with sadness and disappointment.

For a while, I kept calling it sadness. I am saddened by the immense loss I feel from losing people close to me. I am saddened by the hands some have been dealt undeservingly. I am saddened that I have not done the things personally I know I need to do. I am saddened that any child would feel any amount of love that is less than what my own children feel. I am saddened by the suffering others endure. I am saddened there is a family of seven wondering about their next meal. Grief upon grief. Layered one on top of the other. I have cried, almost daily, overwhelmed by it all.

Sunday night, I poured myself out to Kris. I emptied it all. “I am sad,” I told him. And, the more I shared, the more I realized that my sadness was really disappointment. I looked at Kris and finally said, “I am disappointed in this year.” I have been ready for it to end. I am ready for something new. Something different. I told him that maybe we don’t give grief its proper respect. We know loss is a part of the human experience. We grieve. We cry. But, maybe we underestimate the reality of how that loss affects our daily lives. We don’t give it the credence it’s due. Instead, we try to find the good instead of feeling what is really there.

These have been my feelings. This has been my burden. This has been my past two months.

But the ability to finally identify what I feel and call it disappointment finally changed how I see today. How I see tomorrow. If we wallow in our disappointment, it will kill our passion. It will hinder in my own life the greatest forces in this world: faith, hope, and love.

I am of reminded of a message my dad preached so many years ago. He talked about Samson. Samson forgot who he was. He was disappointed in his choices, in the world he had framed, in the promise he thought was lost. Until one day, he felt his hair touching his shoulders, and he remembered. He remembered his strength…he remembered the living, breathing force within him. He remembered the promise. He remembered who he was. And, he knew in that moment: for every disappointment in life is an appointment with God. And, that changed everything.

For every disappointment is an appointment with God. It’s a reckoning. It’s where we feel what we need to feel. Where we allow grief to be what it is. Where we allow disappointment to be what it is. But, there comes a day when, like Samson, we are reminded of our strength. We are reminded that we have a choice. We can stay in disappointment or we can allow it to thrust us forward. Where we connect the dots. Where we remember who we are. Where we use the very thing that disappointed us to push us forward to do the work He has called us to do.

We can hold fast to faith that screams He is able to do more than we can imagine. Faith that opens our eyes to see the unseen. We can trust in the hope that anchors our very soul. That secures us. That keeps us from tossing to and fro when the waves come. When the disappointments come. And, we can cling to love: who we really are. We can love ourselves so deeply that we actually let ourselves off the hook when we don’t live up to what we hoped we would do and be. We can love others with such intensity that nothing they do can ever taint how we see them: real, living souls who are images of God in the earth.

Kris texted me this morning, “So many times we forget what we are passionate about. Your passions are so powerful, and your words are so impactful. You miss just how awesome you are. Life is good, life is hard, and it’s our faith that will keep us strong. Stop holding back. Stop being afraid. You can do it. No matter what it is.” These were the words that pulled me out of my disappointment. And, this was the time God chose to do it. Because, Kris was God in the moment. In this time.

I felt my strength again this morning. And, I remembered. I remembered my passions. I remembered who I was. And, I remembered that I have an appointment with God.

I have an appointment with myself. An appointment to renew what needs to be renewed. And a mission to bring faith, hope, and love to the forefront of people’s lives.

Friends, to you I say: Stop holding back. Stop being afraid. You can do it. No matter what it is. Because, you have the three greatest forces moving towards you in your favor: faith, hope and love. Don’t miss how awesome you are. Don’t stay in disappointment. Trust in the hope that assures us nothing is ever truly lost. The hope that assures us the best is always ahead.

Today is going to be a good day.


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New Book. New Thought.

After my doctor’s appointment yesterday checking up on the littlest Takle, I had an hour or so to spare.   Barnes and Noble sounded more than appealing.  And quiet.  And they had a book waiting for me with my name on it. 

Not to mention some hot chocolate at the Café.  

Cindy Beall has been talking a lot about the book, “Leading On Empty.”  Wayne Cordeiro wrote the book with leaders in mind; however, it’s an incredible book for moms, dads, college students, doctors, garbage collectors…..


Wayne Cordeiro suffered from burn-out, and he shares his journey on “refilling (his) tank and renewing (his) passion.”  And, we are all susceptible to burn-out.

I’ll share more on the book once I finish it.  But, I’m really excited about the read. 

One statement in the introduction Cordeiro writes is, “Suffering will change us, but not necessarily for the better.  We have to choose that.  And it was that choosing that made all the difference for me.”

Many of us have experienced suffering on some level.  For me, my divorce was just that.  But, I didn’t become defined by my divorce.  I’m not “Dusty, the divorced chick.”

I am “Dusty, the restored, wife, mother, and child of God.” 

So, if you’re going through the fire right this moment, choose to let it change you for the better. 

And, on that note, have a great weekend!


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Finding your sweet spot.

On occasion, I hear someone tell me that he is doing exactly what he was called – or designed – to do.  Many other times, I hear the frustration in someone’s voice who is unsatisfied with where he or she is in life. 

Then, there are times, where we just fail to appreciate the journey.  I tend to fall into this category.

How do you know that you are functioning in your sweet spot?  I tend to believe that when we are walking in obedience with Christ, that He is ordering our steps.  And, when He orders our steps, it’s pretty hard to not be where we are supposed to be. 

There are a ton of self-help books to help guide people in living a fulfilled life.  Max Lucado’s Cure For the Common Life is all about aiding readers to discover the life they were created to live.  Rick Warren rocked the world with his very popular The Purpose Driven Life.  And, while I’ve read and enjoy both books, I feel that there is no special code to break in discovering His will and our passions. 

For me, it’s about prayer, and it’s about obedience.  Kind of a simplistic view of faith but a powerful one.   

And, while we may get frustrated where God has us at different times, the ability to rest in knowing that He is placing each stone in front of us to step on changes everything.

Allowing God to direct our steps reflects that we are indeed made righteous.  Not righteous due to our own doing but due to His grace.

Psalm 37:23 says the Lord directs the steps of the godly.  He delights in every detail of their lives.  I especially like the latter part of this verse – he takes pleasure in even the smallest parts of our lives.  To quote Anna, this “big, giant God” cares for every detail of my life and yours.

When we obey Him, He guides us.  When we let Him lead, we will surely settle into all He created us for.  It may not always take the shape or form we expect it to.  But, I feel confident that His road leads us to our sweet spot.



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