You love me! You really love me!

I obviously stole this title from Sally Field.  What I mean is you love me.  And, I love you.  Don’t we all appreciate each other more when we are our true, authentic selves?  This post on Swerve was a good one on “My Path to Me.”  I like how Scott Williams always says “Do YOU!”  And, Robin Meadows commented how this is a great lesson to teach our children. 

I credit Robin with the idea for this post.

How do we teach our children that they are fearfully and wonderfully made?  That God created each of them with different gifts?  That they should never feel the pressures to be like someone else? 

Because, when they are their true, authentic selves, they can change the world.

It’s a hard lesson to teach when we ourselves struggle in this area.  To be fashion forward, I need to wear what she’s wearing.  Maybe, if I had his job, I’d be happy.  If I could just be the mother she is or the father he is, then I’d get this parenting thing down.  Nothing wrong with receiving guidance from someone else.  We just can’t be that someone else.  Lord knows, I take all the parenting advice I can get!

I remember the first (and only) time I spoke at dad’s church.  I’ve listened to and been surrounded by some pretty spectacular ministers – all of whom have imparted to me.  But, they did not create me.  God did.  The day before I stood behind that pulpit, my dad told me to “remember, what comes from the heart, goes to the heart.”  In order to make this happen, I couldn’t be my dad, or any other speaker I had ever heard.  I had to be me.  I probably had some hits and misses here.   Some points were all me, others were probably someone else.  Maybe that’s why dad hasn’t asked me to speak again.  Hmmm.  Oh, sidebar.

I’ve also been in the process of discovering my own blogging voice.

Probably the best way to teach our children not to jump off a bridge just because their friends jumped is to model this behavior ourselves. 

Be who God created YOU to be.  And, just maybe our children will follow.

How do you teach your children to be themselves?


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13 responses to “You love me! You really love me!

  1. When i get a pulpit, you can speak from it…..cuz i like who God made you!

  2. Hey, thanks for the link-luv!

    I just had this conversation (again) with my 21 yo daughter…..It’s an on-going process! 😉

    I think we have to believe it about ourselves before we can ever teach it to our kids.

    Great post!

  3. Joey

    I’ve learned to put things in it’s proper perpesctive….ear rings, tattoos, hair styles and clothes have nothing to do with the inside. It’s their heart that God looks at and the sooner we grasp that, the easier our lives become. I lived most of my life trying to be who others thought I should be. Kitty, EWC and Elijah house all helped me to understand that God created me to be me. Kitty and I encourage our kids to be who they are. We try very hard not to control them with any expectations as far as who or what they decide to do with their lives. We pray for them and encourage them to allow God to be in on every decision they make.
    PS – have no fear I have no plans for an ear ring or tattoo….that’s just not me.

  4. Dusty Takle

    Mike, I just wuv you.

    Robin, I think it’s probably an on-going process for all of us!

    Joey, I love YOU! But, don’t be so closed to the ear ring. It just might work well with you 🙂


  6. Judy

    Have to agree with Joey on the outside….seen parents flip over clothes their kids wore but never take time to talk to them…I personally loved that when Boo was in high school the fashion was wearing your dads big shirts lol….but of course she did have this ONE PAIR OF JEANS LOL that rocked the world of a lot of guys lol…just remembered when i was in high school it was mini dresses (girls couldn’t wear pants lol) maybe my parents were cooler than I thought…my Dad never told me I couldn’t wear those dresses lol…. my kids hearts were toward God and that is the important thing…never let my kids compare themselves to others…always told them it didn’t matter, they mattered in every area

  7. Dusty Takle

    Barbara – or DAD, I knew it was you dad when I saw the all caps and lack of punctuation. Punctuation is over-rated, anyway. I miss your laugh as well. And, I love you!

    Judy, Boo turned heads, not just because of her super awesome jeans. She just turned heads ’cause she’s a purdy thing.

  8. Judy


  9. Sharon

    i love you! i really do love you! because YOU are great!

    i am dealing with this some with jenna. i have been telling her lately that she needs to always remember who she is in Christ. that she needs to stay true to herself and remember that people respect her BECAUSE of her beliefs and moral standards. i pray that she is hearing me.

  10. Among other things, I am always telling my kids “I love who you are!” They know that God made them who they are and we discuss “choices” that help us to be our very best self in Him. We make a point to honor each other and each family member (kids AND us parents) are motivated to continue to be ourselves.

  11. Sharon, she is hearing you. Keep sowing those seeds, and they WILL take root. And, keep on prayin’.

    Kristin, “I love who you are!” That’s just a precious thing to say to your children. I’m taking that one for my own 🙂

  12. I think sometimes there are moments I wish I hadn’t taught them to be themselves! My David tell me directly that he learned that lesson well. He says we taught him to think for himself and not feel the need to be like everyone else. So, he is my tatooed, tongue-pierced, Science is my God, child. Sigh! Of course, I don’t care about the tatoos or piercings. Thought about a tat myself once!

  13. Well, I witnessed you at the pulpit, and you were extradinarily great! Just for who you are and how you present yourself! You are a true woman of God, with a cutsey way about you! lol.
    As far as taught my children to be themselves, was to love them, for who they are! To guide them to Jesus, through prayer, to always know, in their weaknesses, as well as mine, He makes us strong!!!!!! Thank God for His patience! lol
    Great blog!

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