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The Real Me.

The blogosphere has been filled with people posting pictures and/or videos of themselves in their truest form.  As in….

no make-up.

no prepared pose.

just the raw, authentic self.

It’s a campaign launched by People of the Second Chance.  I thought I’d end the week showing you Dusty Takle sans make-up – early morning.

I told my dad I was going to post this, and I heard a sound come out of his mouth that I cannot even spell.  I could even hear in my husband’s voice a “Are you sure you want to expose yourself like that?”  And, I really appreciate the, ahem, support, fellas. 

Often times, we try to hide behind an image.  We are afraid for people to see who we really are.  And, I’m not just talking about our physical appearance.  I’m talking about how we live our life.  But, I have come to appreciate transparency in others.  It’s in our transparency….in our realness, that we surrender.  We become accountable.  And, subsequently, we become more like Him.

So, in celebration of authenticity, I took this picture of myself yesterday morning not long after getting out of bed. 

Even though I didn’t brush my teeth, I, at least, smiled.  Then, I probably yelled at my kids to hurry up and finish getting dressed for school.  In the name of Jesus, of course. 

Are you afraid for people to see the real you?  Heart and everything?


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You love me! You really love me!

I obviously stole this title from Sally Field.  What I mean is you love me.  And, I love you.  Don’t we all appreciate each other more when we are our true, authentic selves?  This post on Swerve was a good one on “My Path to Me.”  I like how Scott Williams always says “Do YOU!”  And, Robin Meadows commented how this is a great lesson to teach our children. 

I credit Robin with the idea for this post.

How do we teach our children that they are fearfully and wonderfully made?  That God created each of them with different gifts?  That they should never feel the pressures to be like someone else? 

Because, when they are their true, authentic selves, they can change the world.

It’s a hard lesson to teach when we ourselves struggle in this area.  To be fashion forward, I need to wear what she’s wearing.  Maybe, if I had his job, I’d be happy.  If I could just be the mother she is or the father he is, then I’d get this parenting thing down.  Nothing wrong with receiving guidance from someone else.  We just can’t be that someone else.  Lord knows, I take all the parenting advice I can get!

I remember the first (and only) time I spoke at dad’s church.  I’ve listened to and been surrounded by some pretty spectacular ministers – all of whom have imparted to me.  But, they did not create me.  God did.  The day before I stood behind that pulpit, my dad told me to “remember, what comes from the heart, goes to the heart.”  In order to make this happen, I couldn’t be my dad, or any other speaker I had ever heard.  I had to be me.  I probably had some hits and misses here.   Some points were all me, others were probably someone else.  Maybe that’s why dad hasn’t asked me to speak again.  Hmmm.  Oh, sidebar.

I’ve also been in the process of discovering my own blogging voice.

Probably the best way to teach our children not to jump off a bridge just because their friends jumped is to model this behavior ourselves. 

Be who God created YOU to be.  And, just maybe our children will follow.

How do you teach your children to be themselves?


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