I start Kindergarten today.

Well.  My little boy begins Kindergarten today.  I spent last weekend searching every Target store for the 8 count box of Crayola Crayons on John Henry’s supply list.  Four boxes requested.  None to be found.  Only the 64 counts and 2 million counts.  I finally went to a Walmart – a store I avoid like the plague.  Turns out, it was 8 count Crayola heaven.  And, I stocked up on them like it was Y2K.

I was also able to sort out the online uniform order debacle.  I ordered shirts that would fit Anna perfectly and pants that would fit me.  Okay, so me when I was like 10.  It was a stress point, nonetheless, and I worried that I was too late in working out my very poor guesstimate of John Henry’s sizes. 

All things were handled just fine.  Kind of made the stress of it all seem so petty.  But, stress is an entirely different post.

I’m pretty confident in the fact that John Henry is ready.  I just don’t know that I am.  I mean, sure, I’m ready for the welcomed mommy breaks like all moms who endure summers with school-aged children. 

 It’s the realization that “toddler” no longer describes him.  That his awareness to sometimes unkind children and injustice is about to be awakened.  That I’m going to have to sit at a table every afternoon and practice writing letters and telling time.  It’s not that we don’t work at the table anyway.  But, the pressure just isn’t there.

No more sleeping until whenever.  Or, being lazy lima beans until whenever.

School begins at 8:30 A.M.  Not 10:00 A.M.  This fact alone makes home-schooling that much more appealing.  But, we can do it.  Yes.We.Can.

Casey, could you please play, “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” by Boyz II Men?

Here is where you come in moms and dads.

Do you have any advice for this first-time mother of a Kindergartener?  Commenting will be open all year long.  For real.


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18 responses to “I start Kindergarten today.

  1. Yes…both enjoy this ride but dont loose sight of giving him tools for for each and every level of growth. To say they grow up fast is the complete understatement. Have fun these are good time ahead for you and the kids!

  2. Lindsey

    Dusty, I know just what your talking about! It is so hard for us as mommies to come to terms that our babies are growing up. But somehow I think it is harder on us than the children when it comes to our kids starting school. Why just last week, when I was taking Bella to her first day of kindergarten, after many hugs and kisses from me, she was the one who had to say,” Mom, I will be ok. You need to leave now. I am a big girl and I can handle this on my own!” As heartbreaking as it was to realize my little girl didn’t need me anymore, I was however overwhelmed by her sense of security and independence. I was proud of her. I am sure John Henry will do fine, it is us mommies we have to worry about! Love ya!

  3. Karen

    Be prepared to tear up when you have to leave him there the 1st time. Then listen to him everyday, because he will have new things to tell you. Not always good, not always bad, but his little horizans are expanding now, & it’s not always comfortable.

    Take each day as it comes. Lots of prayer, & lots of patience.

  4. Dusty Takle

    I am already tearing up reading these comments. Parenthood is quite the club membership!

    Lindsey, you are soooo right. It IS harder on us than it is on them!

    Okay. I’ve got to go get the boy ready.

    Keep those comments coming. I am loving them!

  5. marla

    My kids are 12 (7th grade) and 8-1/2 (3rd grade) and I still have a hard time every year for about the first 2-3 weeks of school. You just want to keep them at home and protect then from all of the things that are out there to take away their childlike innocence. Believe me… THEY handle this way better than we do. It’s like camp for them! Sometime after they’re back into the groove (usually around 2 weeks) I settle down and actually enjoy their school days. It makes shopping Sooooo much easier!! haha Still… it’s hard not to feel a little sad when your baby is growing up. Just be thankful that he still lets you hug and kiss him in front of his peers. My 3rd grader is still okay with that but this will probably be the last year of public lovin’ for me.

  6. Judy

    Ohhhhhhh those milestones……best advice…breathe in every moment of them…put film in your video camera lol…don’t foget to say thank you to God today for such a beautiful family…I saw the picture of the backpack, so IT’S ALL GOOD!

  7. Robin

    Oh, WOW! I remember when Jacob started school it was SO hard. Now he is 12 and in Middle School. Where does time go? My advise for today is to keep yourself busy so the day goes by faster. As the weeks go by and you see he is doing fine you will be okay too.

  8. Gayla

    It is harder on you than them…by the time Anna’s ready for school…you’ll be ready, too….Sam was much harder to let go of than Sarah….Sam still kisses me EVERY morning (he’ll be 12 in Sept) in the parking lot, in front of all his classmates…Boys LOVE their Mommas. Enjoy every story about his day….and listen…..he’ll teach you a thing or two….it makes your heart swell….oh yea, thanks for the lazy lima bean reference.
    Love you…

  9. miket.

    Dusty….. Mikayla started the big “K” last week,(I can’t say the”K” word in full, it makes me cry.) I told her the day she started, “I don’t want you to grow up. You are my little girl.” She said, “Really daddy?” “I have to grow up and be a ballerina.” I said, ” I know, I just want you to stay my little girl forever.” She said, “Daddy…. I will always be your little girl, even when I am big.” I said, “Well I guess it’s ok if you grow up then.” She paused for a minute and said, “You’re not telling the truth, I saw your face.” I guess my face said something different than my mouth, lol. Anyways…. I have taken her to school everyday,(We get up at 6:30, and that is in the am. ARGHHH!) and I sit with her in the “big kid lunchroom” for breakfast,(This is the only part of the day that she doesn’t like) When she is done with breakfast I hug her and say goodbye, to which she responds with a very sad face. I ask, “What’s wrong?” She says, “I am just gonna miss you.” My heart breaks, I almost cry, then tell her I will see her in a little while. Then I slowly walk out of the lunchroom, with, “I wish she’d never grow up” written all over my face. Viva la Wal-mart!

  10. miket.

    It’s us daddies too.

  11. Just don’t be late 🙂

  12. Angie

    A great book to read with your kindergartener is “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn.

  13. Joy

    I feel your pain. I hate to say the same ole words but it doesn’t get any easier. When I dropped Stefan off at the Middle School this year. I took a quick picture of him (of his back)lol as he walked into the building. Then I cried my eyes out as i drove off. Enjoy the younger years when they still need mommy to walk them in to school because time flies by way to fast. Next thing you know they are walking by themselves.

  14. Dusty Takle

    You guys are awesome!

    MikeT, you’re just a funny day. It’s not a wonder Mikayla misses you every day.

    Roger, that’s one of my biggest fears! Alarm clock is set. I hope.

    Angie, we have “The Kissing Hand” and I read it him last night. I was basket case when I left his bedroom. Love, love, love that book.

  15. Read to your kid and teach him to love reading. That’s one of the best gifts you can give him, even better than 8 count crayons. Plus, his 3rd grade teacher will appreciate you for it.
    ~Advice from a 3rd grade teacher

  16. Christie

    Well, it never ends, I felt all that same stuff dropping John off for his first day of high school. I was worried that he might be ill prepared to go somewhere with so many people. He loves it. He loves the diversity he didn’t get at a private school. He even likes the school lunches! I have enjoyed every stage better than the last!

  17. The Christian Ranter

    Next year my oldest will leave for college and youngest will start K. Talk about a time warp. So welcome to the ride; keep your arms and legs in as it’s going to be bumpy.

  18. needsleep259

    I think you’re the reason I couldn’t find the 8 count Crayolas in WalMart! 🙂

    I started my little one in a 3X a week/3 hours a day preschool a week ago. I cried my eyes out. Just remember that this is a wonderful adventure for them, and hang on to your Kleenex!

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