First Day.

The night before John Henry’s first day, I read to him The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.  What.Was.I.Thinking?  I barely made it out of his room in one piece.  It’s a sweet story about a little raccoon’s fears of starting school and a mommy raccoon who calms him with the clever “kissing hand”.  She kisses his palm then closes his little hand.  So, if he begins to miss his mommy, he can just open his hand and touch it to his cheek and say, “My mommy loves me.”

So, I kissed John Henry’s hand.  And, he kissed mine, so I could do the same.

The big day arrived, and he got dressed for school.

He walked through big boy doors.

Put his backpack in his locker.

Sat down in his big boy chair at his big boy table.

And wondered when I was going to stop taking pictures. 

If the look on his face wasn’t my cue to leave, then maybe this was.

Yep.  That about summed it up.  He couldn’t have said more.

So, I walked out of his classroom.  And, he never saw my tears.

But, it was me holding my hand to my face saying, “John Henry loves me.”



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11 responses to “First Day.

  1. Bonnie

    You can also volunteer in his class for parties and reading parent, etc. Jack and Max would always (and still do) cry and want to leave with me when I’m done.

    Everyone’s right though, it’s hard to let them go back every year. K and 1st were the hardest for me. However, their learning of disappointments with “life” are beginning to show up a little more now that they are older.

    We take mental health days and play hockey!

  2. kristen fountain

    Jordan’s little brother started Kindergarten Monday….he called Jordan yesterday and told him about the “cute girls” in his class. Ahhh, starting so young.

  3. That is priceless!
    I kept waiting to hear, “Mooooom, you’re embarassing me!”

    Just wait, it only gets worse. The only pictures I could get this year were in our driveway!

  4. Judy

    The video is priceless! Hope today will be as fun for him. You and Anna have funnnnnnnn.

  5. Well at least you made it on time

  6. Christie

    You were soooo messin’ up his quality time with the chicks. he couldn’t check out that little girl beside him’cause mom was video taping!!!
    Good thing you did it for JH though, that Anna is gonna make you drop her at the curb! Cute!

  7. Brenda

    My high school Sr. and Freshman paused long enough for a picture in the kitchen and then off they went together in Alex’s truck as I watched them drive out of the driveway and disappear up Wesley Drive as I wiped away the tears…..and prayed for their safety! It doesn’t get easier as they get older. The situation just changes BUT your prayer for their safety stays the same!

  8. I’m right there with you – my two youngest (twins) started Kindergarten two weeks ago. I’m still adjusting! It’s all so bitter sweet watching them grow up, huh? God bless you!

  9. Julie

    Aw wee … I didn’t get to read your blogs yesterday or today (until Friday p.m. at 7:00) because yesterday I was moving Katie to college & rushing straight to Emory to meet with oral surgeons to put Carrie’s face back together again after the plastic surgeon DID NOT! Life with kids doesn’t seem to ever get easier … if it does … someone PLEASE let me know. A date that it will happen will be very much appreciated.

  10. Boy, did I miss your blogs while I didnt’ have internet!! Great blog, hard time to let your little one go, be what he is to be as you and Kris lead him. I know! Smiles!

  11. Oh Lord. I cannot wait to be a Mom….. Too fun!

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